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People Blown Away By Lorde's Reaction To Eating Super Hot Wings

People Blown Away By Lorde's Reaction To Eating Super Hot Wings

The 24 year-old pop star decimated the Hot Ones challenge as she appeared on the popular Youtube show

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

If you've seen the popular Youtube series Hot Ones, you'll know that the show has brought grown men and women to tears as they've struggled through the hot and spicy chicken wings that are offered to them while they chat to host Sean Evans. But not Lorde. Watch below:

The New Zealand-born pop star, it seems, is built differently.

Lorde clearly either went for Homer Simpson's 'candlewax in the mouth' trick or is just an absolute pro when it comes to eating spicy food, because she completely breezed through her interview with Evans on the First We Feast channel while devouring the food on offer.

"Mmm! Delicious wing!" The 24 year-old says at one point, biting through some chicken smothered in the kind of spice that could burn through a kitchen surface.

As she goes for another, she adds more hot sauce onto it and proclaims it tastes a little different.

"A little spicier even," Evans suggests, visibly surprised at what's unfolding him front of him.

"A little spicy," Lorde says charitably, while giving the impression of someone chewing down something as tame as a watermelon.

YouTube/First We Feast

Elsewhere she starts worrying that she shouldn't be double biting and - given that most people would be turning crimson if doing the same thing - you could perhaps understand why.

However, it seems that Lorde once again just breezes through, despite presumably being able to breathe fire at this point.

"This is a really delicious lunch. I'm not gonna lie," she finally exclaims at one point as Evans shakes his head in disbelief.

YouTube/First We Feast

Lorde's apparently ice-like digestive system hasn't gone unnoticed, with fans on Twitter just as stunned as Evans by what they've witnessed.

One Twitter user wrote: "Lorde took a second bite on the hottest wing on hot wings and didn't even flinch; she's invincible."

Another said: "I actually can't get over Lorde going on hot wings and adding extra sauce, taking double bites, eating more wings at the end, and reading the hot sauce labels for the notes of flavour.

"I don't think she took a sip of the water. Grown men have cried on that show."

A third wrote: "I strive to be as calm and collective as Lorde was while eating hot wings."

To put this into some context, just three weeks earlier Ed Sheeran was starting to feel the heat just five minutes into his own 25-minute episode.

By the end of it, he was gratefully chugging on a glass of milk as his face went as red as his hair.

Oliver Rodrigo, meanwhile, burnt her lips during her own challenge.

Lorde's new album Solar Power comes out in August and will be her first in four years. Hopefully for her the reviews will be much hotter than the wings she faced on Hot Ones.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Youtube/First We Feast

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