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Drake Bell warns trolls will have 'blood on their hands' if they don't stop calling him a paedophile

Drake Bell warns trolls will have 'blood on their hands' if they don't stop calling him a paedophile

He's asked people on social media to stop with the accusations.

Drake Bell has desperately pleaded with people on social media to stop trolling him.

The former Disney star hit out at one person on Twitter and warned them he could be killed if they don't stop.

The user told people to not 'forget he's a pedo' and Bell ripped into them.

"Do a second of research. This is what I have to live with everyday. They are literally going to kill me. Bloods on their hands...," he said in a now-deleted tweet.

He added another message, which said: "It truly blows my mind how mean people are on here to people clearly dealing with mental health issues. It's unreal how cruel you all can be."

Bell warned that if the repeated accusations don't stop then 'you people are going to kill me'.

The taunts on social media are stemming from the 36-year-old being sentenced to two years' probation after pleading guilty to felony attempted child endangerment and a misdemeanour charge of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles back in 2021.

The charged were brought against the former Disney star after he met a 15-year-old girl online who attended his concerts, the Associated Press reports.

In court, a victim impact statement was read out, which said: "My life hasn't been the same since I was 15. I think about these crimes every single day.

"I feel like I'm in a constant dark place. Sometimes I wish I could disappear so I can forget about what happened."

She went on to call Bell a 'monster'.

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The actor, whose real first name is Jared, said in his own statement: "Today I accept this plea because my conduct was wrong. I'm sorry that the victim was harmed in any way - that was obviously not my intention.

"I have taken this matter very, very seriously, and again I just want to apologise to her and anyone else who may have been affected by my actions."

According to Page Six, Bell insisted there were 'no sexual images' sent to the teen and 'nothing physical' was done.

However, he admitted his actions were 'reckless and irresponsible'.

Bell was also ordered to carry out 200 hours community service and he was also told he can't have any contact with the victim.

It's been a hectic few weeks for Bell as he sparked a huge manhunt recently when his loved ones declared him missing.

Not too long after, his wife Janet Von Schmeling filed for divorce and asked for custody of their son Wyatt.

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