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Actor who cried after one person showed up for Fringe show accused of publicity stunt after resurfaced tweet

Actor who cried after one person showed up for Fringe show accused of publicity stunt after resurfaced tweet

She posted a tweet upset that only one person had come to her show

Every year, Edinburgh's Fringe Festival sees budding actors, writers, and comedians take their shot at making it - or simply enjoying performing in front of an audience.

The festival has seen many big names and shows emerge. For example, Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag started out as a show at the Fringe, so you never know!

However, performer Georgie Grier was left upset after nobody showed up to her show. Fortunately, some people, including Jason Manford and Dara Ó Briain, saw her post online and gave her a shout out - meaning her later shows have been packed with audience members.

But now things seem to have taken yet another turn in the saga, as people have now accused the performer of staging the whole thing as part of an elaborate promotional exercise.

Georgie posted about the small audience on her Twitter page.
X / @georgie_grier

The accusations came after earlier tweets from the performer emerged that were similar in their content.

This year she tweeted: "There was one person in my audience today. It's fine isn't it? It's fine ... ?"

On 15 August 2022, she posted a picture of a flyer for her show Sunsets, claiming that only her parents had shown up to watch it.

She wrote: "Just had a cry because the only people who turned up to my first show were my parents.

"But when I had said cry in the bathroom, some other lovely Fringe performers gave me words of encouragement. And I guess two people is better than none? #EdinburghFringe."

One person replied: "Maybe next year you call your play 'Chancer'? Or maybe even don't bother at all, since you cry about no crowd every year."

However, others rallied in support of the budding performer.

George is performing her one woman show 'Sunsets'.
X / @georgie_grier

One wrote: "You're going to get a lot of hate for this but I think you're bloody brilliant, an absolute star, and evidently a fantastic actress."

Another praised her for putting a show on to begin with. They wrote: "99% of the world population have never put on a show dear. You're one of the special ones."

Among the supporters was comedian Jason Manford, who sent a supportive video message.

He said: "It's absolutely normal for one person to rock up to your show — and also to be a bit upset about it. Tomorrow will be better and next week will be better. Just enjoy yourself if you can."

Fellow comedian Dara Ó Briain also offered some words of support, saying: "We’ve ALL done it. Soon, you’ll dine out on this anecdote. More than once I had to buy my audience a drink, as a thank you for being the only ones there.

"Best thing though, it’s all stage time, and the show will get better every single time, ready for the big crowds later!"

Georgie has denied that the whole thing was an elaborate promotional exercise.

She said: "I just wanted someone to vent to who wasn't my mum. In that moment I had tears in my eyes, I wasn't thinking any further than needing a bit of a release and not having to bother my mum, my dad and my sister."

LADBible has reached out to representatives of Georgie Greer for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ Georgie Grier

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