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Elizabeth Hurley stars in new erotic thriller that was directed by her 21-year-old son

Elizabeth Hurley stars in new erotic thriller that was directed by her 21-year-old son

Strictly Confidential contains a scene of the actor getting intimate with another woman.

Elizabeth Hurley stars in an erotic film directed by her 21-year-old son.

The British actor is at the centre of a steamy new thriller, which shows Hurley in revealing outfits and an intimate scene with another woman.

While this is nothing new for Hollywood, many are raising their eyebrows as Hurley’s son, Damien, directed the flick.

According to the film’s synopsis, it follows Mia (Georgia Lock), who is haunted by the suicide of her best friend Rebecca and reluctantly accepts an invitation to Rebecca’s family home in the Caribbean.

There, her college friends will also be in attendance to commemorate their friend on the anniversary of her death.

But Mia is quickly drawn into a world of seduction, duplicity and betrayal while desperately trying to uncover the mystery of what happened to Rebecca.

In the teaser, it looks like Liz’s character Lily is seduced by Pear Chiravara’s Natasha after the young woman offers her a drink.


In a later shot, the actor can be seen briefly kissing Lily's chest in what looks to be a very hot and heavy scene.

I mean, kudos for Damien being so cool about it, but the thought of filming a sex scene of my mother, I would immediately have to be hospitalised.

Shortly after the film wrapped in December 2022, Damien took the opportunity to thank those who helped him make his directorial debut - including his mother - on Instagram.

Instagram/Damien Hurley

"Everyone involved deserves public declarations of adoration (all of which will come in due course) but right now I want to worship @ElizabethHurley1 who, during the making of my first ever short film back in 2010 (when I was eight) promised me she’d be in my first feature," he penned as he shared a pic of himself on set.

“This has genuinely been the most incredible experience, both professionally and personally.

"I’ve made lifelong friends and learnt many valuable lessons. I’m so so proud of this film and REALLY want to share lots and lots right now (sadly not allowed as nearly every photo I have contains a huge spoiler lol) but WATCH THIS SPACE."

Damien teased he has more projects in the works and that Strictly Confidential is just the beginning.

We wonder if his famous mum will appear in any more upcoming works.

No word yet on the film’s release date.

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