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Emily Ratajkowski suggests she's joined 'mile high club' as she admits she'd like to date a woman

Emily Ratajkowski suggests she's joined 'mile high club' as she admits she'd like to date a woman

EmRata said she'd 'love' to date a woman.

Emily Ratajkowski has hinted that she might have just joined the mile high club - and that she'd be interested in dating a woman.

EmRata came out as bisexual last year, and even admitted that she doesn't believe people can really be straight.

Since then, she's been linked to stars like Pete Davidson, Eric Andre, and Harry Styles, but is still waiting for the right woman to come into her life.

Emily Ratajkowski has said that she'd love to date women.

In a recent interview with HommeGirls, the TV personality was asked if she'd be interested in dating a woman, to which she replied: "I would love to. Waiting for the right one to come along."

The mum-of-one continued: "I’ve always been someone who’s more attracted to vibe than specifics of physicality so sometimes it’ll just randomly hit me, and I’ll be like, ‘Whoa, I’m attracted to this person!’"

Emily, who filed for divorce from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard last September, went on to praise herself for refusing to settle down for someone who didn't meet her standards.

"I'm proud of myself," she said. "Younger version of myself would have probably settled for some mid dude just to have a [boyfriend]. Glad I'm not in that era anymore."

Later on in the conversation, Emily hinted that she might have joined the mile high club once upon a time.

Emily added that she was proud of herself for maintaining her standards and not settling down with someone for the sake of it.

When asked if she had joined the club, which would mean she had had sex on board a flight, she simply replied: "Lol."

And fellas, don't despair. Just because Emily is open to the idea of dating a woman, she's still equally as interested in dating men.

In an episode of her podcast HighLow with EmRata uploaded earlier this year, she listed out the qualities that she looks for in a man.

"I don’t want to have to do any labour for anyone, or do any work for anyone I’m not willing to," she told her listeners.

"That being said, I like it when men in particular ask me what I’m into… because I am so used to dudes thinking they are an arsenal of knowledge and there’s nothing more for them to learn. I kind of like that if they’re serious about it, but a lot of the time they're not.

Ratajkwoski hinted that she has joined the mile high club.

"I dated a guy for a minute, whose name will not be disclosed, who never made it through my book – through my own damn book.

"He got halfway, and he was like, ‘It’s really good.’ He kept saying he was a slow reader, but I was also like, ‘Huh, ok – are you just not that interested in me?’"

Everyone got that down? Good. Godspeed, lads and ladies.

Featured Image Credit: emrata/Instagram

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