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Emily Ratajkowski reveals what she wants in a man after Harry Styles kiss

Emily Ratajkowski reveals what she wants in a man after Harry Styles kiss

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were filmed sharing a steamy kiss in Tokyo

Fans still haven't gotten over the footage of Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles having a cheeky snog in Tokyo.

The supermodel, 31, and musician, 29, were filmed kissing up against a car, in what's being reported as a Japanese carpark.

You'd probably think there's more chance bumping into Vin Diesel in a carpark than those two.

Anyway, Twitter was shocked by the hook-up, as one person reminded users that Ratajkowski 'only likes ugly men', alongside the caption: "Well, that was a f**king lie."

A second added: "Harry Styles snogging Emily Ratajkowski has ruined my weekend."

While a third person asked: "Do y’all think the guy on the bike knew he rode past Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles?"

The best reaction was no doubt Lewis Capaldi, one of the UK's most prized assets.

It seems as though the Scottish Beyoncé wasn't too impressed by the moment either, as he shared his iconic reaction on TikTok.

In a short ten-second clip, the singer films himself in selfie mode with his track 'How I'm Feeling Now' playing over the top.

In the caption he wrote 'so unsatisfied', while in the text overlay overlay he added: "Me after seeing the video of Harry and Emrata," alongside his disgusted-looking face.

Capaldi was evidently not impressed by the kiss.
TikTok / @lewiscapaldi

And now that the dust has still not settled, EmRata has uploaded a new podcast today (28 March) where she documents what exactly she wants in a man.

Get your notepads out lads...and put them back in your drawer cos you've got no chance, unless you're an avid reader.

On her Podcast 'HighLow with EmRata', the 31-year-old said: "I don’t want to have to do any labour for anyone, or do any work for anyone I’m not willing to.

@emrata / Instagram

“That being said, I like it when men in particular ask me what I’m into… because I am so used to dudes thinking they are an arsenal of knowledge and there’s nothing more for them to learn. I kind of like that if they’re serious about it, but a lot of the time they’re not.

"I dated a guy for a minute, whose name will not be disclosed, who never made it through my book – through my own damn book.

"He got halfway, and he was like, ‘It’s really good.’ He kept saying he was a slow reader, but I was also like, ‘Huh, ok – are you just not that interested in me?’"

So yeah - if reading a whole book wasn't enough, you might only have Harry Styles to compete with now.

All speculation, of course.

Featured Image Credit: MediaPunch Inc / REUTERS / Alamy

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