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Fans Demand Henry Cavill Becomes Next James Bond After Actor Posts New Video

Fans Demand Henry Cavill Becomes Next James Bond After Actor Posts New Video

Fans want Cavill for the next 007

Who will play the next 007 now Daniel Craig has vacated the role has been a regular talking point for some time now, and now there's a firm favourite in the mix. Step forward, Henry Cavill.

The Witcher actor has been put forward for the role after fans went wild for his latest Instagram story.

The 39-year-old actor shared his latest ad for No 1 Botanicals, which sees the Superman star exit a shop and walk past a snazzy looking Aston Martin DB5. Clocking the car, Cavill says: "Life will always have its sweet temptations."

While the advert might not be anything to write home about, it's the Aston Martin that has set tongues wagging as it's been the signature vehicle of James Bond ever since Sean Connery played the famous role until 1983.

Putting Cavill and an Aston Martin so close together has meant the James Bond reference is stronger than ever, and with no successor named now Daniel Craig has left the role, could Cavill be stepping in to play the famous spy?

Empire Magazine's Olly Gibbs certainly thought so, as he shared on Twitter: "Henry Cavill's not so subtle Bond reference in his latest video..."

Other Twitter users also spotted the subtle nod. One user shared: "You want that job. We mean, who wouldn't? Henry Cavill seems to be putting it out there that James Bond is on the mind, having posted an Instagram Story (in collaboration with No 1 Botanicals) eyeing up Sean Connery's famous Aston Martin DB5."

And fans are firmly backing Cavill for the role. One person wrote: "Henry Cavill is my Superman but he is also my next James Bond. His physique, demeanor, his voice, acting, and overall sex appeal is more than enough to cast him as the next James Bond."

"#HenryCavill eying up an Aston Martin in his latest AD, giving a very clear nod to his desire to play #JamesBond," said another before adding, "He would kill it."

Henry Cavill is being tipped as the next James Bond.

While Cavill could be a good fit for the big shoes that Craig has left behind, it doesn't mean he's the front runner. Plenty of other names have been added to the mix, including Luther actor Idris Elba.

In fact Elba is one name that has been discussed plenty of times, prompting producer Barbara Broccoli to address the rumours directly.

Speaking on Deadline's Crew Call podcast, she said: "Well, we know Idris, we're friends with him, and he's a magnificent actor... it's been part of the conversation but it's always difficult to have the conversation when you have someone in the seat."

Could Cavill be the next 007? The news is yet to be confirmed...

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros/Instagram/@henrycavill

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