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Fans say they will boycott new Harry Potter TV show because JK Rowling is executive producing it

Fans say they will boycott new Harry Potter TV show because JK Rowling is executive producing it

Looks like some people aren't thrilled with the iconic author's inclusion on the project.

Fans of Harry Potter's wizarding world have copped a massive boon with HBO officially confirming the network will turn the iconic fantasy novels into a television show.

But, as with all things in life, there are lows that come with the highs.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling was also named as one of HBO's executive producers working on the project.

Makes sense, considering her brain is the source for the whole thing.

But some people have kicked off on social media and said they won't be watching the show because of the author's previous anti-trans comments.

One person said on Twitter: "We won't be watching JK Cow-ling's show."

Another quipped: "DO NOT SUPPORT THIS SHOW."

A third added: "It's so cool that a whole new generation of kids will be able to experience learning about hateful and baseless transphobia."

However, several people have jumped to Rowling's defence online, pointing out all of the characters and stories came from her incredible creative mind.

One user said: "So she should be. She created it. You entitled twerps."

Another sarcastically added: "GET A JOB GET AWAY FROM YOUR OWN FRANCHISE."

Rowling was excluded from the film cast's 20th anniversary TV show, Return to Hogwarts, and from the creation of the new Potter-themed video game Hogwarts Legacy.

So boycotting her from the set would have been possible. However, if they're going to take Potter's wizarding world to new heights, they'll need Rowling if they wish for canon to continue.

Because when TV writers depart from their source material, well, they famously bungle it.

Lest we forget Game of Thrones' final season.

HBO chief Casey Bloys was asked at the new TV program's media announcement if HBO harbours any fears Rowling's inclusion might see high-profile stars turn down the TV project.

But he refused to discuss the issue entirely.

"No, I don’t think this is the forum," he said as per Variety.

"That’s a very online conversation, very nuanced and complicated and not something we’re going to get into."

Bloys went on to add that off-screen drama involving the author is irrelevant as HBO's 'priority is what’s on the screen'.

"Obviously, the Harry Potter story is incredibly affirmative and positive and about love and self-acceptance. That’s our priority - what’s on screen," he said.

Warner Bros

The newly-announced Max Original series will dive deep into each of one of Rowling's iconic books that have kept fans delighted for decades.

Despite the information about HBO's newest television offering leaking on April 3, HBO is still keeping its cards close to its chest when it comes to further details on talent.

"We have our own internal process where we’ve been thinking about people, but we have not wanted to go out into the world saying, ‘Who do you have?’ But now that the news is out, we will start," Bloys said.

What we do know is that it will be a decade-long project that will flesh out all the juicy bits of the books that might not have made it into the films.

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