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Fearne Cotton Can No Longer Do Live Radio Due To Panic Attacks

Fearne Cotton Can No Longer Do Live Radio Due To Panic Attacks

The former BBC Radio 1 presenter regularly opens up about her mental health

Former BBC Radio presenter Fearne Cotton has said she 'could not handle' live broadcasting any more due to her anxiety.

Cotton is known across Britain for her work on television shows such as Top of the Pops, charity fundraisers, for hosting the Radio 1 Chart Show and later joining BBC Radio 2.

She has done a lot of live work throughout her career, but said her nervous system could no longer deal with the pressures of real-time presenting after having struggled in the past.

Fearne Cotton presented shows on both BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Cotton said she is no longer able to do live shows as a result of regular panic attacks, saying: "I would not sleep the night before, I'd have a panic attack before.

"I'd probably be fine when I'm on air, it's just the bit before that I can't get myself through with ease."

Cotton admitted to feeling 'frustration' over the matter because she learned the job for 25 years and knows she can do it 'really well'. In 2015, however, she quit Radio 1 because the work was 'literally ruining [her] mind', she said.

The presenter told Grazia in 2020 she was 'very lucky' to have worked in the industry since she was a teenager, but admitted she 'didn't feel connected' to a lot of the work she was doing.

The presenter is now hosting her own podcast, titled Happy Place, on which she welcomes guests to talk about 'life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them'.

Cotton also uses her social media pages to open up about her experiences with mental health, last month receiving a wealth of support after she revealed her anxiety had been 'sky high'.

She told followers she had turned to cold water therapy to help tackle the feelings, saying each time she undergoes the therapy it 'gets a little easier' and makes her 'more aware of the benefits'.

She wrote on Instagram: "My anxiety has been sky high this last week so these moments where my brain can only focus on my deep breaths have been necessary.

"If you’ve been putting something off that causes great anxiety do not worry. Go easy on yourself and try when you’re ready.

"The small wins! Love and good vibes to you all today."

As well as her podcasts, Cotton has also released a number of self-help books encouraging readers to find their voices and speak out, unlock inner happiness and achieve a sense of calm.

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