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Bear Grylls Got Courteney Cox To Eat A Scrotum Full Of Maggots

Bear Grylls Got Courteney Cox To Eat A Scrotum Full Of Maggots

I don't think Monica would approve.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Featured image credit: PA

I think we can all agree that Bear Grylls has eaten some absolutely disgusting shit in his time. In fact, he once actually drank elephant shit.

He's used to all that. He probably pours yak blood and goat piss on his Coco Pops, but the celebrities who take part in his show, Running Wild, are totally not used to it and that's what makes the show so brilliant.

For example, on the latest episode of Running Wild, former Friends star Courteney Cox tucked into a scrotum full of maggots, thanks to Bear.

I mean, she wasn't my favourite one out of Friends either, Bear, but there's no need for that.

The show sees celebrities teaming up with Bear and flying off to remote locations where they learn survival techniques, such as enjoying maggots à la ballsack.

Courteney emailed Bear two weeks after taking part to tell him she was still traumatised - understandable.

The Metro reports that they came across a dead sheep and, thinking it might be a delicious opportunity, cut into it only to find it was rotten inside and crawling with maggots. Bear told Courteney that although the meat was no good, the maggots were edible.

In a move she probably lived to regret, Courteney asked how they would be able to get the maggots back to camp and Bear told her that carrying them in the scrotum (which he tied into a little bow) would be the best method. Of course he did.

Words Claire Reid

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