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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stars Say New Season Will Have A LOT Of Swearing

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stars Say New Season Will Have A LOT Of Swearing

Terry Crews said the cast and crew had to take five minutes and regroup after a torrent of four letter words.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Fans of the hit comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine only have one more sleep until their beloved show is back on TV.

But this season will have a new addition: Swearing...and lots of it.

When the show was on Fox, the network wouldn't allow swearing or pixelated nudity in any shape or form. Now that the gang has called NBC their home, the writers have unleashed the four-letter demons.

Star of the show Andy Samberg told E! News: "We've got a couple of bleeps already going, and I gotta tell feels real good."

But it seems as though the 40-year-old's script is a bit different to Terry Crews'.

The actor also told the entertainment news organisation: "I had one where I'm ashamed. I'm actually very ashamed...God, it was so jarring.

"Everyone from behind, they were like, we actually...everybody had to regroup...for five minutes.

"I was like, 'Oh my god!' I was like, 'Yo yo yo, everybody okay? Everybody all right?' We had to check with everybody to make sure, but it was hilarious."


If there was so much swearing that the cast had to take five and have a breather then you know that the new season is going to be good.

Melissa Fumero added: "We can have fun with these curse words, 'cause sometimes we can just like, add to 'em, and I think they had told him to just ad-lib, make it a little longer, and Terry just went...I literally shocked me and I didn't know what to say."

"He was so dirty, but it was so satisfying to hear Terry say it."

Series creator Dan Goor has admitted that he feels a lot of pressure to live up to the hype of the show after it got cancelled by Fox last year.

It kicks off tomorrow night, with the original cast returning once more for some cop show japes.

That includes Fumero, as well as Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Stephanie Beatriz, Joe Lo Truglio, Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller. And how could we possibly forget the never-ceasing comedic wonder that is Terry Crews.

"The mandate from NBC all along has been, 'We know this show. We love this show. That's why we picked up this show. Please keep making the same show,'" said Dan Goor. "I don't want to say it's the same show. I think it's going to be even better this year."

We certainly can't wait for those bleeps.

Featured Image Credit: NBC/Fox

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