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Christmas Comes Early With Trump And Putin On SNL

Christmas Comes Early With Trump And Putin On SNL

Another week, another SNL sketch with Alec Baldwin fully roasting Donald Trump.

This time it's Christmas time at Trump Tower and he is treated to a visit by none other than Vladimir Putin, coming down the chimney.

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Beck Bennett donned Putin's typical outfit (topless) and Trump is delighted to see that he's not been Scrooged. After discussing Russia's involvement in Trump's victory, Putin asks: "So you trust me more than you trust American CIA?", to which he replies: "All I know is I won."

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The sketch continues with Putin giving Trump an 'elf on the shelf', which sits comfortably next to his Internet router. Pretty funny to be honest.

His wife Melania (potentially a deliberately awful attempt at a Russian accent) says to The Donald: "Donald I don't trust this man... If a person you did not know came from a foreign country and just started flattering you, what would you do?" Reply: "Marry them!"


They also got an unpresidented pun in there, and John Goodman turned up as Trump's secretary of state Rex Tillerson, who is delighted 'Pootie' is there. A couple of oil jokes later and a bit more making The Donald look stupid, the banter is over.

Right now, I'm not particularly sure what Baldwin does apart from these skits; they're almost a full time job in their own right.

Baldwin has stated that he will stop doing the sketches when Trump releases his tax returns, which probably means that he has a job for life.

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