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Fans Catch Out Derek Acorah As He 'Speaks To Ghosts' On 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Fans Catch Out Derek Acorah As He 'Speaks To Ghosts' On 'Celebrity Big Brother'


Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

There are a plethora of things to watch nowadays on the telly and, unfortunately, Celebrity Big Brother ain't that high up on the priority list. Though stuff will often go viral for the ridiculousness of the situation.

For example, Scouse 'spiritual medium' Derek Acorah, who was bound to be spoken about on Twitter during his tenancy in the reality TV house, has been called out.

Famous for Most Haunted, Acorah has released a lot of flak for his activities, and that has continued on CCB.

In front of his unimpressed CBB housemates he attempted to speak to a ghost with the help of Apprentice star Karthik Nagesan, claiming a spirit would move a two pence coin from inside a ring of chalk.

Credit: Channel 5/Celebrity Big Brother

Lo and behold the coin moved, but only because Acorah moved it himself. Despite the cameras, he still insisted the ghost had done it. And, hey, Derek, look what I can do with my thumb...

Everyone noticed him moving the coin, which only confirmed their original thoughts of his so called 'medium' title: Horse shite.

Has the barrel been well and truly scraped here?

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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