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Idris Elba Wants To Make A 'Luther' Movie Next Year

Idris Elba Wants To Make A 'Luther' Movie Next Year

Idris Elba has announced that he's very keen to take Luther to the big screen.

The iconic detective is back on our screens after a three-year break and the new four-episode season looks as brilliant as ever.

Elba has been donning the famous coat and chasing baddies for eight years now, so it's about time we got a movie, right?

Well, Elba agrees; speaking to LADbible, he said: "I've always said there should be a movie. I really want to do that and we're very close to doing that next year, hopefully, so let's see."


He added: "For me it would be nice to take Luther up a scale. Make the storyline bigger, make it slightly more international."

When asked about how the show would handle telling a story in a 90-minute block rather than over several hour-long episodes, Elba said: "We've made varied seasons, one season was six episode, one was four - Luther's adaptable.

"I think if we can figure out the formula to keep an audience captivated for an hour and a half, on a movie, I think Luther has definitely got the attributes to make that happen."


Me, too, mate.

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Idris Elba Says Film Version Of Luther Is Very Close To Happening

He continued: "When you scale a movie up, you have to give it size - that means taking it into other territories, internationally, but I still think it will feel like the 'Gotham City' in London. But obviously on a bigger international scale, it could take us anywhere.


Idris Elba Says A Film Version Of Luther ‘Is Happening’

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"I'm really up for the movie now. I'm really up for it. And I think this season is set up to tee that up."

Is anyone getting really bloody excited?


And before you worry too much that a movie might be Luther's swan song - don't, because Elba also told us that he's keen to do more series of the hit crime show - but there may be some wait for a six series, with Elba revealing that the show 'wouldn't work' if it was aired every year.

He told us: "I think that it's so dark, you couldn't maintain it year in, year out. I really don't think audiences are ready for that. I think they like the anticipation of the gaps, because they know, hopefully, and this season shouldn't be any different - that we deliver on the original vibe, but if we did it over and over again it would just be uh huh."

John and Alice are reunited. Credit: BBC
John and Alice are reunited. Credit: BBC

Plot details for the fifth season have been kept strictly under wraps, but we do know that fan-favourite Alice (Ruth Wilson) is back and that Luther is being partnered with newbie Catherine Halliday (played by Wunmi Mosaku).


But you've not got too long wait, with the first episode airing on 1 January at 9pm on BBC, the four-parter will run across consecutive nights, finishing on 4 January.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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