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Michael Myers Goes On Brutal Killing Spree In Terrifying New 'Halloween' Trailer

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Michael Myers Goes On Brutal Killing Spree In Terrifying New 'Halloween' Trailer

Still not quite ready to say goodbye to the sunshine and good times of Summer? Fuck it, mate - the latest trailer for Halloween is guaranteed to ready you up for darkness, horror, and some serious screams:


The second trailer for the horror revival movie sees Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as tortured babysitter Laurie Strode.

Only this time she's more than ready to take on her psycho-killer brother Michael Myers as he returns to Haddonfield after escaping from a mental institution.


In fact she's better than 'ready' - she's Sarah Connor-ed the fuck up and is clearly out for his blood.

Also - the trailer is genuinely chilling. Don't try watching it with a fresh brew in your hand or you'll find yourself spilling it everywhere in terror.


From the get-go we see Michael indulging in his favourite hobby - stalking the streets of his hometown, butchering whoever gets in his way, and lurching about like the unstoppable brick shithouse he undoubtedly is.

The bodies pile up, some poor bastard's teeth get thrown into a toilet stall, and we see Laurie stepping up for what looks to be a final showdown with her bro.

She warns her family that 'Evil is real'. Naturally they shrug it off as a bad case of 'crazy mum syndrome' when they should definitely know better than that by this bloody stage in their family history.

By the end of the trailer we're treated to glimpses of Laurie fighting Michael in what looks to be a final battle between the two as she traps the maniac in her home.


Including the two Rob Zombie remakes of the first two films, there's been ten movies made in the Halloween franchise.

However this one - surprisingly co-written by comedy actor Danny McBride of Eastbound and Down - will apparently wipe the previous narrative clean and be a standalone movie.

That includes erasing all the insanity of Halloween: H2O and Halloween: Resurrection wherein Michael Myers masterfully survives a beheading, Laurie is murdered by her brother, and Busta Rhymes has a kung fu fight with the killer.


But that doesn't mean there won't be some references to previous films in this one.

Curtis told TooFab "This movie is a standalone movie to the first movie, period, because you can't tell the story if you have to link in all the rest.

However, she added: "There are elements of all of those movies, there's some Easter eggs."


We're already scared shitless and can't wait. The movie hits cinemas on 19 October - just in time for Halloween.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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