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People 'traumatised' after being reminded of terrifying horror movie jump scare

People 'traumatised' after being reminded of terrifying horror movie jump scare

This jump scare from a 2011 horror film is still leaving people 'traumatised'

People have admitted that one particular scene in a horror film left them ‘traumatised’ and screaming in the cinema.

Here it is:

It’s that time of year again, folks.

Spooky season is upon us, which means a few things – eating loads of sweets and watching loads of horror movies.

OK, maybe you can throw some sort of pagan ritual into there as well, and perhaps even a toffee apple.

Not everyone likes to be scared s***less when they’re watching a movie, but some people really do, and – for whatever reason – they’ve been gathering over on X – formerly Twitter – to discuss the moments that really made them leap out of their skin.

There are honourable mentions for classics like Jaws, as well as some left-field mentions for movies such as The Lord of the Rings – when Bilbo tries to get the ring from Frodo – and even Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, although that’s very much in the ‘if you know, you know’ category.

If not, here it is.
Stage 6 Films

One that keeps cropping up, however, is from the 2011 film Insidious, and it’s the moment that the red-faced demon appears behind someone.

If you’ve seen it, no doubt you can remember it.

Weirdly, this character is known as the Lipstick-Face Demon and you can sort of see why.

Anyway, the appearance of this happy character during a particularly tense moment in the film is the one that most frequently crops up when people talk about all-time terrifying jump scares in movies.

One person commented: “My brain erased this film from my memory and simply noted it as ‘traumatic’”.

Another said: “This was the first in history that actually got me.”

A third responded: “It's always going to be this one.”

It seems as if this is one of the rare things that everyone on the internet can actually agree on, provided that they’ve seen the film.

If you haven’t, it’s a story about demonic possession, paranormal activity, and unravelling the secrets of the past.

To be fair, that could be just about any horror film, couldn’t it?

The demon itself was played in the movie by Joseph Bishara, which is strange because he’s more traditionally known as a composer, creating the music for this film as well as many others.

Joseph Bishara played the red faced demon.
Stage 6 Films

In fact, not only has he worked on the music for the Insidious franchise, he also brings his considerable musical talent to horror films like The Conjuring, The Vatican Tapes, Malignant, and The Other Side of the Door.

You’d have to imagine that someone who could pull music for films like that out of his head might know a thing or two about jump scares, so maybe he’s the obvious choice to play such a character.

If you’re planning a rewatch or to watch for the first time, enjoy trying to get to sleep afterwards.

Featured Image Credit: Stage 6 Films

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