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New Horror 'A Quiet Place' Has Reached 100% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

Stewart Perrie

| Last updated 

New Horror 'A Quiet Place' Has Reached 100% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

There are plenty of horror films and thrillers that get audiences on the edge of their seats by eliminating music at certain points. Just before the killer or creature jumps out, the audio drops and you're biting your nails and sweating at the prospect of your favourite character getting the chop.

Thankfully though, most movies only employ this technique during the really suspenseful parts. Well, let me introduce you to John Krasinski's new film, A Quiet Place, that promises very little sound for maximum effect.


Yeah, it looks straight up terrifying.

John Krasinski and his off-screen wife Emily Blunt star in the film as a mum and dad trying to look after their kids in a post-apocalyptic world. We don't know what the deadly monsters are or where they came from, but we do know that they hunt using sound.

As a result, John, Emily and his kids use sign language to communicate and walk on white sand to ensure they don't make any sudden noises.

But, judging from the trailer, shit well and truly hits the fan when their youngest son turns on a toy airplane. Another tough scenario happens when Emily's character goes into labour, which would be a pretty tricky experience to endure while remaining silent.

We don't know what the monsters look like but they sure can scratch a mark in a wall. Credit: Paramount Pictures
We don't know what the monsters look like but they sure can scratch a mark in a wall. Credit: Paramount Pictures

It's hard enough not to make a sound while sneezing - let alone squeezing out a small human.

While the preview for the film is pretty captivating, it seems as though critics absolutely love it as well. With 20 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is currently listed as 100 percent with the average rating being 8.9/10.

If you're wondering how that's possible, RT's percentage meter isn't based on every critic giving it 100/100, but it just means they've all given it a 'Fresh' rating.

Vox explains the system, saying: "Theoretically, a 100 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating could be made up entirely of middling-to-positive reviews. And if half of the critics the site aggregates only sort of like a movie, and the other half sort of dislike it, the film will hover around 50 percent."

John Krasinki not only stars as the leading man in A Quiet Place but is also the director and helped write the screenplay.

Credit: Paramount Pictures
Credit: Paramount Pictures

While he and Blunt are married in the real world, Krasinski didn't want that to be the focus of the movie. He says that the prime attention for the project is on two parents trying to keep their kids alive and thankfully they didn't need to go full method to bring out those emotions.

"We'd just had our second daughter and, you know, I'm a super sensitive, emotional person, so I think I was probably wide-open when I read the script," Krasinski told Playboy.

"The idea really triggered something inside me about protection and parenting, and I just thought maybe I could make it a metaphor for parenthood: the fact that no matter what, there will come a time when you don't have control over what your kids do, what they say, what they think, and you just hope that the preparation was enough to get them through and they survive."

The film will first be released in the US on 6 April before coming to the UK on 4 May.

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Stewart Perrie
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