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Second series of 'gritty' crime drama with perfect Rotten Tomatoes score has finally dropped on BBC

Second series of 'gritty' crime drama with perfect Rotten Tomatoes score has finally dropped on BBC

The second series of the 'gritty' Irish drama just dropped on iPlayer

The second series of a 'gritty' Irish crime drama with a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score has finally dropped on BBC iPlayer, and fans are buzzing.

Look, there’s clearly no shortage of quality crime dramas on telly, from Time to Deadwater Fell, but we’ve still all got our favourites.

The second stint is finally here!

And many fans of this particular show will be very pleased that the latest series has become available for streaming today (13 February).

The Irish crime series stars Game of Thrones’ Aiden Gillen and Ciarán Hinds as a Dublin crime family face a ‘seemingly impossible gangland war’.

Of course, I’m talking about the RTÉ series Kin, created by Peter McKenna and Ciaran Donnelly.

See what's in store:

The intense show was first broadcast in 2021 and follows the fictional Kinsellas crime family, who are increasingly at odds with a powerful drug cartel.

But it all goes to sh*t when the hot-headed son of Frank Kinsella (Gillen) gets into a violent confrontation with one of Eamon's (Hinds) men, as the Cunninghams retaliate.

The impressive cast of Kin also includes Clare Dunne, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Emmett J. Scanlan (Fool Me Once) and Sam Keeley.

After the first load of episodes got rave reviews, the second season aired in Ireland last year and now it's finally available for Brits to watch on BBC iPlayer.

The eight episodes of Kin can now be streamed as it promises ‘twists and turns’ and star Scanlan told LADbible he hopes it will fill the ‘Peaky Blinders hole’.

The second series of Kin is now on iPlayer.

"The Kinsellas are back and the stakes are higher than ever," said Jennifer Ebell, EVP of EMEA Sales and Acquisitions at FIFTH SEASON.

"Season two of this family crime drama is explosive and we are pleased the BBC joins the growing number of our international partners."

"All I will say is if you found the first series exciting and engrossing, just wait until you see the twists and turns in series two!" Head of Programme Acquisition Sue Deeks said.

She added: "Anchored by a tremendous cast, Kin is a powerful and intense story of love, grief, family and crime, and its devastating ramifications."

The Irish drama follows the fictional Kinsella crime family in Dublin.

Kin has an impressive 100 percent score on the Tomatometer with a whopping 93 percent audience score.

And users on X are urging people to give It a watch as they write: “Kin on BBC iPlayer, what a show, unbelievable.”

Another put: “Anyone stuck for something to watch, try Kin on BBC iPlayer unreal telly,” and others called it ‘brilliant’.

Kin is now available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: RTÉ

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