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Jon Favreau Launches New Food Show On Netflix Next Week

Jon Favreau Launches New Food Show On Netflix Next Week

He'll be joined by various celebrity pals - including folk from the ​Avengers ​franchise like Robert Downey Junior and Tom Holland

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Writer, director and food lover Jon Favreau is teaming up with chef Roy Choi for a brand new food show, joined by big-name chefs and celebrity pals - including folk from the Avengers franchise, on which Favreau has served as executive producer.

You may have seen Favreau's 2014 food-themed comedy Chef, which saw the actor and director star as hot-headed chef Carl Casper - who, disillusioned by the cliquey restaurant industry, decides to embark on a career in street food.

During the production of the film, Choi was brought on board as a culinary consultant, also teaching Favreau how to cook like a pro.

But now the two are reuniting for The Chef Show, which will explore food 'in and out of the kitchen' and launches on Netflix on 7 June.

The programme synopsis reads: "Cooking is a journey. And making a meal is about more than just food. It's about appreciating friends, family and tradition. An opportunity to come together. To learn, to share and to celebrate different flavors, cultures and people."

Favreau has said the programme has given him the 'perfect opportunity to get back in the kitchen' to create some new memories.

"During the production of Chef, I developed a much deeper understanding of the ways in which we express our emotions, share our cultures and seek meaningful connections through the act of cooking and eating," Favreau said in a statement.

"I am so nostalgic about that time and those experiences."

Jon Favreau in 2014 film Chef.
Open Road Films

Choi added: "I grew up on Julia Child, Paul Prudhomme, Sara Moulton, and obviously Emeril's first show had a huge impact on my life.

"There is something timeless and beautiful about cooking straight to camera. The only snafu was, I'm not a natural born entertainer so doing it alone was always out of the question! But then I met Jon and we built such an amazing friendship over the movie, Chef. We both kinda didn't want it to end."

Netflix users were quick to make various references to Chef over on social media, with one joking: "What? Jon Favrau couldn't get Scar Jo and Sofia Vergara as leading love interests again?"

However, most people were most excited about the celeb pals Favreau will be roping in - not least the Avengers crew.

Tom Holland tries his first oyster.

One person wrote: "The Russo Brothers, Tom Holland, Bill Burr, Andrew Rea (Binging with Babish), Robert Rodriguez... this is gonna be amazing."


A third quipped: "Marvel: Endgame is the most ambitious cross-over event in popculture history Netflix: hold my steak knives."

Someone else said: "Iron Family is Iron Family even in real life. I love you people so much and can't wait to see this very tasty show."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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