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Peaky Blinders' Steven Knight Working On New SAS Drama For BBC

Peaky Blinders' Steven Knight Working On New SAS Drama For BBC

The origin-story is based on the best-selling book SAS: Rogue Heroes

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Peaky Blinders' creator Steven Knight has been snapped up for a brand-new BBC drama based on the book SAS: Rogue Heroes, which tells the story of how the Special Forces unit was created.

The new series is based on the best-selling book by Ben Macintyre, which set out the history of the Special Air Service from its very beginnings back in the 1940s as well as taking a detailed look at the heroes involved.

Steven Knight will be writing the new SAS origins show.

An official synopsis from the BBC, which has commissioned the show, reads: "It will tell the story behind the revolutionary thinking which led to the creation of a new form of combat and warfare in the deserts of North Africa.

"Celebrating the glory, action and camaraderie at the heart of this story, the series will delve into the psychology of the flawed, reckless but astonishingly brave group of maverick officers and men who formed the SAS in the darkest days of World War Two."

As yet, no release date has been revealed yet and cast details haven't been announced, but we do know that Knight is on board to write the adaption, with Karen Wilson, Martin Haines, Emma Kingsman-Lloyd and Tommy Bulfin as executive producers.

The show will be based on the best-selling book.

Knight said: "This will be a secret history telling the story of exceptional soldiers who decided battles and won wars only to then disappear back into the shadows. We will shine a light on remarkable true events informed by the people who shaped them."

While BBC's controller of drama Piers Wenger added that he was excited to see the 'swagger' Knight would bring to the project.

Wenger said: "It is an honour to be working once again with the great Steve Knight. SAS: Rogue Heroes will lift the lid on the origins of one of Britain's most iconic institutions and explore the characters, courage and flaws of the men involved with all of the honesty and swagger we have come to expect from Steve."

It's fair to say that Knight has a lot on his plate on the minute, he recently confirmed there would be at least two more seasons of Peaky Blinders and he's working on a new adaption of A Christmas Carol for the BBC, which will star Tom Hardy, Stephen Graham and Guy Pearce.

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