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Rose Leslie Made Kit Harington Go As Jon Snow To A Fancy Dress Party

Rose Leslie Made Kit Harington Go As Jon Snow To A Fancy Dress Party

She told him she wouldn't love him if he didn't.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Fancy dress is something we all have to go through at some point, and although they can turn out to be fun, the build up tends to be arduous.

As to not look like a fun sponge you have to turn up in more than a ripped t-shirt with fake blood splattered across it, claiming you're a zombie. You have to, as to please the host and their guests, fain some kind of effort.

Kit Harington, better known these days as Jon Snow, recently pretty much smashed a fancy dress party, thanks to his missus Rose Leslie.

The Game of Thrones actor has a rather fun relationship with his fiance, apparently, and as a part of that Rose told him that if he didn't go dressed as Jon Snow to her birthday party, she wouldn't love him.


It was supposed to be a prank, but in reality it sort of makes everything a little bit easier for him. He's not got to waste time messing around with his hair or beard, it won't be hard getting into character or putting on an accent, and if there was a competition for best costume, he'd win it, because he'd look exactly like the fella on the tele... Because it's him.

"She pulled out a Jon Snow costume, and Rose just whispered in my ear, 'I won't love you if you don't wear it,'" Ned Stark's bastard son told Heat magazine.

As it turns out though he felt fairly embarrassed about turning up to Rose's 30th birthday costume party dressed as himself, especially because the outfit was from a high street store, not from the set.

He added: "It was really embarrassing. The people bringing around canapes were looking at me, thinking, 'You're sad man! You've come to a party dressed as your character.'"

He's Jon Snow, to be fair, so he can do whatever the fuck he wants.


The pair recently announced their engagement, with Harington wanting to make sure that he has enough time to enjoy his wedding.

He revealed on The Jonathan Ross Show that the show will stop production so that he and Rose can tie the knot: "I rang [the producer] up and I said, 'I'm getting married and it's your fault, actually.' I think for the final season he is so stressed that he's reached that peaceful level.

"I was like, 'You need to factor in a Game of Thrones wedding by the way.' They [the cast] have all got to be there so the whole thing has got to shut down."

So nice one, guys, were going to have to wait that little longer for season eight.

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