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Tom Hanks Tests Tom Holland's Acting Ability

Tom Hanks Tests Tom Holland's Acting Ability

Tom Hanks didn't give Tom Holland any choice but to go ahead with his repetition exercise...

He won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1993 (and 1994), he became the youngest person to receive the American Film Institutes Lifetime Achievement Award and he started voicing Woody in 1991 so what Tom Hanks says, well, it kinda goes.

Which is why when the 62-year-old actor roped Tom Holland (aka Spider-Man) into his repetition exercise - he didn't say no. Whether he had a choice or not.

Appearing on tonight's episode of The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hanks was promoting the new Toy Story 4 while the other Tom was there to talk about Spider-Man: Far From Home.

After demonstrating some rather questionable sound effects, Hanks went on to say: "As a young actor, repetitions, the exercise repetitions..."

Probably hoping to get something back from his fellow stars sat beside him, he was unfortunately out of luck as 23-year-old Holland looked rather quizzically at him, Gwyneth Paltrow stayed as still as she could and Jake Gyllenhaal nodded like you would to your maths teacher when you pretended to understand an equation that you absolutely did not.

Tom Hanks explained the art of repetition exercises.
BBC/The Graham Norton Show

Quickly picking out Holland and giving him no choice in the matter - we can almost hear the dread from within, as Paltrow and Gyllenhaal probably let out a sigh of relief.

Hanks went on to say: "You have a very simple cue and a very simple line and the cue might be 'would you like some more coffee?' And the line you have to say is 'coffee, you think I want more coffee, boy do I need more coffee'..."

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, pointing at his victim (Holland), Hanks prompted him to mirror what he had just explained, adding: "You're going to say it every conceivable way you can."

A rather nervous Tom Holland.
BBC/The Graham Norton Show

Asking him the question 'would you like more coffee', Tom replied absolutely blankly which was where the award-winning actor had to remind him again what he needed to do. Awkward.

After they got into the swing of things properly, Hanks pulled him up on his lack of variety saying: "Good, thank you. Could you try it with a little more something to it because this is a big, important scene. King Kong is out front and he's gonna smash the building".

Almost reminding himself, Holland says: "Yes, Tom Hanks," and thankfully, he goes on to complete a set of answers that are all similar yet different from the last.

With the final one, he begs: "Coffee, please Tom Hanks, give me some coffee."

Then Hanksy himself goes on to shake his hand and Holland skipped out with his head held high.

The Graham Norton Show will be available tonight from 10:35 on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/The Graham Norton Show

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