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Fans praise Tom Hanks for his response to question about his worst film

Fans praise Tom Hanks for his response to question about his worst film

He was asked which role he'd least like to be remembered for

Tom Hanks has been praised for his response when answering a question about which of his movies he thinks is the worst.

The 67-year-old Hollywood legend has a CV as long as my arm, with roles in numerous acclaimed films such as Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Philadelphia and The Green Mile - over his decades-long career he’s scooped two best actor Oscars, five Golden Globes and two Screen Actor Guild awards.

And when he’s not acting in front of the camera he’s happy to step behind it for his work as a director, producer, and screenwriter. Basically, he does it all and he does it all very well.

Hanks appeared on the Mythical Kitchen YouTube channel, where celebrities tuck into their ‘last meal’ as they talk about their lives and contemplate their death.

If you’re interested, Hanks would opt for challah bread French toast with Cary’s sugar-free syrup; an In-N-Out Double-Double burger with a diet Coke; a Greek salad, with avocado, calamari and a side of pita bread with taramasalata; El Cholo’s ‘taste of history’ platter with a diet Dr Pepper; all finished off with a white chocolate Bundt cake. Bloody Hell Hanks doesn’t hold back, does he?

Tom Hanks spoke about his impressive career.
YouTube/Mythical Kitchen

Sitting down with Mythical Kitchen host Josh Scherer, Hanks was quizzed about his career and at one point was asked: “What is the one role you least want to be remembered for?”

After laughing at the ‘cheap shot’ question, the actor told the host: “You have to understand. I’m going to school you. Every one of these movies are made in the greatest faith imaginable. They’re all a blast to do. Everybody is working really hard - so to slag on any of them is to insult the communal effort that we all put in.”

Having said it all that, he did then add that he did an episode of the long-running sitcom The Love Boat back in 1980 that he seemed quite happy to leave in the past.

Nonetheless, fans loved his thoughtful and ‘classy’ response to the otherwise fairly awkward question, with one person saying: “You got to admit the dude has class.”

Another commented: “Tom declining to name his ‘worst role’ in order to refuse disparaging anyone's hard work is truly admirable.”

Someone else agreed: “I've heard many actors casually talk about the least favourite movies they've starred in and my first thought is, ‘damn, bet a lot of people worked really hard on that thing you're bashing’.”

Featured Image Credit: Mythical Kitchen/YouTube

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