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Teens brand American Pie 'deeply problematic' after watching movie for the first time

Teens brand American Pie 'deeply problematic' after watching movie for the first time

Although most of us are left in stitches by the film franchise, Gen Z aren't so amused

Although most people reckon the American Pie franchise is the epitome of 90s comedy, younger generations aren't as amused by the films - in fact, they're downright disgusted.

The release of the first instalment in October 1999 made Jason Biggs, Jennifer Coolidge and Chris Klein household names overnight, as well as giving a host of actors a leg up in Hollywood.

Like a lot of films, it centres around a gang of high school students preparing to jet off to college - which gave every single viewer a very skewed idea of what this time in your life looks like.

Four awkward teenage boys - Biggs, Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Seann William Scott - all make a pact vowing to lose their virginity by prom night or risk going to college as a 'loser'.

There's plenty of side-splitting scenes that make all of the American Pie films unsuitable to watch with your parents, but it seems the majority of Gen Z won't be watching it at all.

The American Pie franchise isn't as appreciated by teens these days.
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A group of 16-to-19-year-olds were tasked to watch a host of classic films - including the likes of Clueless, Bring It On, and Dude, Where’s My Car - as well as Paul Weitz’s comedy masterpiece, but they weren't generous with their reviews of the cripplingly nostalgic flicks.

The experiment was launched by Vice in late March 2020, and it yielded some truly terrifying results.

One 16-year-old, Taylor, said they reckoned American Pie was 'completely ridiculous' and laden with too much dirty talk.

She fumed: "The only thing the male characters care about is having sex. "They’re willing to say and do whatever just to convince the girls to have sex with them."

One certain scene really got under Gen Z's skin.
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"I don’t know if that was realistic when the film came out, but I think men treat women with a lot more respect and equality now," Taylor added.

Another teen, 18-year-old Olivia, said of the teenage comedy: "It’s bordering on incel attitudes.

"I think if you were a teenage boy watching this you’d basically feel entitled to behave however you wanted to towards women."

A third participant, Hannah, 17, also raised an issue with a particularly 'problematic' scene - when Jim films foreign exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) in his room.

She said of the segment: "The part where Jim and the other male characters film the foreign exchange student in his room is deeply problematic."

"The film doesn’t even question the morality of doing this, it makes it seem like a joke and that the dudes are all ‘legends’ for getting the plan to work.

“It’s a huge violation of privacy and definitely a sexual offence for Jim to film her, let alone to then share that with his friends."

She then concluded that a teen movie nowadays 'would allow it'.

Do not let her watch the warm apple pie scene under ANY circumstances.

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