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BAFTA taking stage invasion during Oppenheimer best film speech 'very seriously'

BAFTA taking stage invasion during Oppenheimer best film speech 'very seriously'

The stage was gatecrashed during the Oppenheimer speech

BAFTA are taking a stage invasion that occurred during the best film speech at the awards show very seriously.

The BAFTA Award for Best Film was given to blockbuster Christopher Nolan hit, Oppenheimer, during last night's award ceremony.

However, there was an unwelcome individual on stage, as you can see in the clip below:

Nolan was on stage to humbly accept the award, but people spotted an unfamiliar face behind him and producer Emma Thomas.

The man is thought to be a YouTuber and online prankster, and was spotted lingering in the background of the BAFTA speech, getting his time on camera as the awards aired on BBC One.

He made his way to the stage after Thomas invited her cast members to join her, asking: "Where are you? Come on, all of you!"

He then stood next to actor Cillian Murphy, who earlier made headlines due to one word in his acceptance speech for Best Actor for his portrayal of Robert J. Oppenheimer.

Strangely enough, the intruder didn't make any clear gestures or attempts to speak, instead standing silently throughout the speech.

A man has pulled a stunt at the BAFTAs.

A BAFTA spokesperson has since stated: "A social media prankster was removed by security last night after joining the winners of the final award on stage.

"We are taking this very seriously, and don't wish to grant him any publicity by commenting further."

The individual has been left unknown, and has not posted about the prank on any social media platforms at the time of writing.

It is reported by Deadline that this isn't the prankster's first stunt, as he has gate-crashed other major awards ceremonies in the past.

He is believed to have made his way into the Brits, the MOBOs, and even the Ballon d'Or football awards that took place in France.

He is yet to post his prank on social media.

Oppenheimer took home seven prizes, which included Best Film, Best Director for Nolan and Best Supporting Actor for Robert Downey Jr.

Poor Things won five awards and The Zone of Interest took three of their own home.

The BAFTAs were full of viral moments, as Gillian Anderson seemed to forget her accent and David Beckham called the beautiful game 'soccer'.

Michael J. Fox also made an emotional return to the stage amidst his battle with Parkinson's Disease, with people branding it a 'fantastic job' as he presented the Best Film award.

His heartfelt prologue was concluded with the quote: "There's a reason why they say movies are magic, because movies can change your day, they can change your outlook, they can sometimes even change your life."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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