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All the ridiculously specific Easter Eggs hidden in Barbie you may have missed

All the ridiculously specific Easter Eggs hidden in Barbie you may have missed

Director Greta Gerwig paid a lot of attention to detail while making her Barbie movie

Greta Gerwig's epic new film Barbie might have reignited your love for the doll, but a number of specific Easter Eggs in the movie will help prove how much of a fan you really are.

This feels like one of those tests - 'Oh, you like Nirvana? Name three of their songs.'

I promise I'm not trying to trip you up though, I just want to point out how Gerwig managed to pack an impressive number of very specific references in to her delightfully fun new flick.

There's a lot to get through, so let's get cracking.

Barbie's car is too small for her.

We see a lot of Barbie's Corvette in the film, whether it's through journeying back and forth to Barbie Land or being flipped over in a panic.

The car also features in the poster for the movie, but eagle-eyed fans may have spotted that the windshield of the car only comes up to Barbie's chest.

Just like the doll is a bit too big for her toy car, Robbie's character is a bit too big for her movie one.

Barbie needs a bigger car.
Warner Bros.

Robbie couldn't read Barbie's letters

Even more subtle than the small car was Gerwig's plan to reference the fact that Barbie is a child's toy through the language used on the letters in her mailbox.

Although Robbie's character speaks English in the film, her letters are written in a nonsense language, just like a child might squiggle a line to represent writing.

Clothes fit for a doll

Barbie doesn't spend all of her time in Barbie Land, but even when she ventures into the real world she looks like she could have stepped straight out of her packaging.

Whether it's her neon lycra or her cowboy hat, Robbie's character always resembles a toy, and that's thanks to costume designer Jacqueline Durran, who had a had a direct line to Kim Culmone, the head of design for fashion dolls at Mattel.

Culmone told Time: “Whether it’s 1950s ladylike attire or a Western Barbie and Ken look or the rollerblades, those looks stick out to me as really toyetic.

"And that was important because even though we were putting Barbie in the real world, there was always a commitment to serve the fans of Barbie with these toyetic references.”

Barbie's cowboy outfit definitely isn't your average real-world style.
Warner Bros.

There are no walls in Barbie Land

A very noticeable feature of Barbie Land is that the houses don't have walls, meaning all of the residents are able to wave at each other right from their beds.

That would be a pretty unnerving setup in the real world, but walls would only get in the way if you were trying to play with Barbie in her dream house.

Much like regular doll houses, the Barbies' houses in the film are perfectly setup for the moment a huge hand reaches in to start a new game.

There's no water or rubbish in Barbie Land

Gerwig was apparently that insistent that Barbie Land couldn't be cluttered, and as a result, there's no trash in Barbie Land.

Admittedly I'm not sure what that means for Barbie's expired carton of milk, but we can only assume it's automatically replaced.

Kate McKinnon, who plays one of the Barbies, told Time: “Nothing is dirty in the world, even when it gets its most chaotic."

And of course, there's no need to get clean if there's nothing to make you dirty!

It would be a real mess if parents had to contend with water splashing all over the place when their kids were playing with Barbies, so Gerwig decided there would be no water in Barbie Land - not in the shower, the ocean, or even Barbie's pool, which is actually just a flat, blue-painted surface.

Barbie could easily wave to her friends in Barbie Land.
Warner Bros.

Ken's Shoes

Ryan Gosling as Ken dons some pretty impressive outfits during the movie, but at one point he dresses in a pair of boxing shoes which are specifically made for smooth surfaces.

He might have struggled with these in the real world but, as made clear by the water, everything in Barbie Land has the smooth surface of a toy, so he'd have no problem getting around.

Barbie's Swimsuit

Viewers are first introduced to Robbie as Barbie in an impressive tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey, where she appears as a giant figure over the young girls playing with their baby dolls.

Barbie is dressed in a black and white swimsuit as she's unveiled to the world, and this is actually the perfect reference to how Barbie first began.

The first-ever Barbie doll that Mattel released in 1959 was dressed in the exact same swimsuit - though of course she went on to have a lot of outfits after that.

Barbie's first appearance is in her swimsuit.
Warner Bros.

The Wizard of Barbie Land

The Wizard of Oz is referenced a couple of times throughout Barbie, including once when she passes a cinema and seemingly again when Barbie drives down a pink-brick road, reminiscent of Dorothy's yellow brick road.

As The Wizard of Oz is all about Dorothy going on a journey to another land and finding new friends, adventures and challenges along the way, it seems Gerwig wanted to hint about what was in store for Barbie as she prepared to leave her home.

The Warner Bros. Discovery sign

This was arguably one of the easiest Easter Eggs to spot, given that the sign appeared as literally the only one in the background of the office scenes at Mattel.

Still, I suppose when you're the company making the movie, it makes sense to throw a little extra advert in there, because you can.

It's clear Gerwig was all about the details in her latest movie - now I think it's time for a rewatch to see how many we can spot!

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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