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Barbie fans think Oscars snubs have 'justified the plot of the entire movie'

Barbie fans think Oscars snubs have 'justified the plot of the entire movie'

Ken gets two Oscar nominations and Barbie gets none?

Barbie fans reckon that the list of Oscar nominations for 2024 is pretty telling as Margot Robbie isn't in the Best Actress category, but Ryan Gosling is up for Best Supporting Actor.

Fans of the incredibly popular movie have been stunned to discover that there's apparently no room for Robbie in the Best Actress nominations.

Barbie has picked up several nominations and will duke it out for Best Picture alongside Oppenheimer and Killers of the Flower Moon, but there won't be any individual awards for Margot Robbie on Oscar night and director Greta Gerwig was also not nominated for Best Director.

Gerwig could still win an Oscar, as she and husband Noah Baumbach are up for Best Adapted Screenplay.

However, it's the lack of nod for Robbie in the titular role that has really got Barbie fans fired up and ready to vent their opinions.

There's no Best Actress nod for Margot Robbie and no Best Director nomination for Greta Gerwig.
Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

One of the common responses to the lack of nomination for Robbie when Ryan Gosling has been nominated is that it 'justified the entire plot of the movie'.

In case you've not seen Barbie, when she and Ken journey to the real world, she learns that women have it much harder than the woman-dominated society the Barbies live in.

Meanwhile, Ken discovers the patriarchy (and horses) and is very excited to learn about men getting preferential treatment.

He then returns to Barbieland and very quickly establishes a patriarchy where the Kens are in charge now, transforming Barbie's dream home into his Mojo Dojo Casa House.

Fortunately, Barbie is able to topple the patriarchy and ultimately decides she'd rather live in the real world despite the challenges it poses.

He's got two Oscar nominations, she's just Barbie. Wait, what?
Warner Bros

So when the Oscar nominations roll around and Ryan Gosling is nominated for an award as Ken when there's nothing for Barbie has got a lot of Barbie fans thinking the movie basically called this.

In fact, Ken has actually been nominated twice as 'I'm Just Ken' is up for Best Original Song, though it'll have to compete with fellow Barbie song 'What Was I Made For?' from Billie Eilish.

America Ferrera is in the running for Best Supporting Actress, while Barbie could also win Best Film Editing, Best Costume Design and Best Production Design.

Nine nominations in eight categories is not particularly bad, but Ken getting nominated and Barbie herself not getting the nod has stuck out to a lot of people.

That is some quite serious Kenergy coming from the Oscar nominations this year.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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