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Elf fans divided after watching deleted scene

Elf fans divided after watching deleted scene

Will Ferrell's iconic character got up to some more antics that didn't make the cut

We don't know the half of what ends up on the cutting room floor when our favourite films are being created.

There are probably countless scenes that were scrapped that were actually comedy genius, but movie makers didn't want to risk it and deemed them an absolute flop.

But these snippets sometimes end up seeing the light of day, meaning viewers get to give their two pence on whether they would be a crowd pleaser or not.

A deleted scene from the festive favourite Elf has been unearthed and fans haven't been shy about sharing their opinions.

Take a look for yourself here:

It gives us another glimpse of how Will Ferrell's iconic character, Buddy the Elf, struggled to adapt to life in the North Pole before he leaves to find his dad in New York City.

The unused footage from the 2003 film shows the loveable giant taking part in an ice hockey game alongside his pint-sized peers.

Buddy is initially stuck watching his team get 'walloped' from the sidelines, until he is given the green light to join in.

"Buddy, get in there and do your thing," one encouraging elf says.

You don't have to tell him twice - and the human skids onto the rink to rescue the seemingly doomed game.

Using his size to his advantage, he barges into his tiny rivals and even sends one flying into the watching crowd.

Buddy the Elf tries his hand at ice hockey in the deleted scene.
New Line Cinema

Buddy then manages to win the game by shooting the puck directly at the goalie's nether regions, seeing him collapse on top of the net.

The forgotten footage then shows the players in the locker room following the ice hockey showdown - and some of the elves have a few war wounds.

One with a shoulder injury sarcastically slaps Buddy with a towel and says: "Good game, Buddy. No sweat, it's just a collar bone."

The deleted scene then shows us more hilarious mishaps that the human experienced while trying to live alongside the elves.

This includes banging his head a ridiculous amount of times and accidentally tipping a Christmas tree onto an open fire.

Some fans think the footage didn't fit in with the rest of the film.
New Line Cinema

Although a lot of people were appreciative of an extra dose of Elf in their lives, not everyone was impressed.

Some social media users said it was a good job the scene was cut, as they thought it didn't fit the vibe of the rest of the film.

One said: "Glad it was, that was s**t!"

Another wrote: "I can see why it was cut. It shows him as a bit of a bully and its tone isn't right with how he is for the rest of the film."

A third added: "Why do they leave the best parts out?!"

Someone else said: "I wish they would've kept this in the film."

And a fifth chimed in: "How has this only just come to my attention."

It's not clear exactly why the scene was cut, but judging by viewers' reactions, it was probably for the best.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema

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