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Fight in cinema breaks out after parent lets their child watch YouTube during Barbie screening

Fight in cinema breaks out after parent lets their child watch YouTube during Barbie screening

The brawl erupted because a cinema goer was angry at a kid watching YouTube on 'max volume' for the film.

While life in plastic might be fantastic in the new Barbie movie, things took a more violent turn in the real world.

A brawl broke out during a screening of Greta Gerwig's latest box office smash in Brazil.

Footage shared on social media by TikToker Sophia Ferreira shows the melee erupted during the credits of the film.

Dexerto reports that the fight was sparked by a war of words.

A fight broke out in a Barbie screening.

However, things escalated and a woman can be seen climbing the stairs of the cinema and shoving another woman.

They continued to get pretty heated while a man tried to step in and cool the tensions.

The battle eventually died down and everyone dispersed.

People who watched the video on TikTok have translated it from Portuguese to English and revealed the fight was sparked because one woman was annoyed at another letting their child watch YouTube during the movie on 'max volume'.

But this isn't the first time there's been a brawl at a movie theatre.

Funnily enough, cinema goers were so excited to see Creed III that it got them in the boxing mood.

Two fans were caught on camera throwing punches in the aisles while the end credits rolled back in March.

Much like this incident in Brazil with Barbie, it turns out that this scuffle was apparently down to one of the people spending much of the movie on their phone.

There are all sorts of reasons why it's rude to spend most of your time in a cinema on your phone, as the noise will distract people and the bright, glaring screen in a darkened room is going to cause all sorts of light pollution, which is bound to make people annoyed.

While Creed III might have cinema goers ready to fight, people were shocked when a battle erupted during a screening of The Little Mermaid.

The Disney film was full of gorgeous colours and awesome storytelling, however two parents went viral on social media for arguing while the movie played on the screen behind them.

Cinemagoers exchanged harsh words during The Little Mermaid.

In a follow-up video explaining what had happened, the TikToker who'd captured the footage said that fight was 'over a seat'.

"The lady that was saying 'in front of my daughter, in front of my daughter', her and her family bought that whole row," she said.

"And the lady she was arguing with, her and her family bought the row in front of that row. I guess she thought nobody was going to come for those seats.

"When the girl came and told her 'This is my seat', the lady caught an attitude and told her she should go and sit somewhere else as there were other empty seats.

"Eventually somebody ran outside to go get security and security came and kicked both parties out."


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ferreiraxyz._ Warner Bros.

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