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Cindy Lou actor explained why she was the only Who in Whoville without a massive nose

Cindy Lou actor explained why she was the only Who in Whoville without a massive nose

Taylor Momsen got away without having to wear a prosthetic nose when she appeared in the iconic Christmas film

When it comes to iconic Christmas films, you can probably reel them off at the drop of a Santa hat; Home Alone, Love Actually, Elf, Die Hard

And obviously, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I mean few festive films are known for having their characters look a very specific, odd way.

And the Whos of Whoville of course have those rather distinct, unique little noses.

At the centre of the story (alongside Jim Carrey’s Grinch) is little Cindy Lou Who.

Taylor Momsen played the little girl who tries to reform the grumpy Christmas-stealer.

Despite only being seven at the time, she still remembers a whole lot from the set of the 2000 movie.

The 30-year-old actor turned rock musician has since revealed just why she got away without wearing a prosthetic nose like all the other Whos.

In an interview with the Today Show, Momsen explained why she didn't have to wedge on a presumably fairly heavy and uncomfortable prosthetic.

Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
Universal Pictures

She said: "I do remember having a lot of fun on that set. I mean the prosthetics for example, all the Whos wore prosthetics but I was too young to actually wear the prosthetics, so they wrote a line into the film of, 'She hasn't even grown into her nose yet'.

"So, they just put a little blush on my nose."

However, young Momsen didn't get away that easily.

"I remember it was the first time I'd ever worn a wig in my life. Putting all my hair into the bobby pins and into the wig cap and the big wig every day.

"It was the first time I ever wore fake eyelashes, and I had the fake teeth and I remember with the fake teeth, I hated the taste of the glue that went in. [...] And so I wouldn't take them out once I put them in and I would eat with them and everything," she recalled.

Momsen still had to wear a wig, fake eyelashes and fake teeth though.
Universal Pictures

The actors playing Whos also had to take part in 'what we called 'Who School', Momsen said. "Because there's so many acrobats and contortionists and Whos have all these walking on top of balls and all these things.”

Momsen herself had to complete 'about a month' of training 'learning how to do the stunts' because she did 'most of the stunts' herself.

"[I] had to learn all the safety protocols and how to fall down a trap door without getting hurt. I remember that as like 'Who Bootcamp'."

Having gotten away with no prosthetic nose, Momsen - who is recognised 'quite a bit' for her role in the film - resolved: "It was a ball. All the stunts I loved. It was such an amazing thing I got to be a part of that."

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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