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Woman reveals her Grinch fetish is so intense that it's caused problems in her relationship

Woman reveals her Grinch fetish is so intense that it's caused problems in her relationship

She begged her boyfriend to wear a Grinch costume to bed but he flat out refused.

It's important not to kink shame people.

As long as it's consensual, legal and not breaking any major ethical boundaries then it's fair game.

However, sometimes it's difficult to find someone who will indulge in your interests.

A woman has discussed her Grinch fetish on Reddit and explained her struggle to get her boyfriend on board with the idea.

She revealed she is super into the creature who stole Christmas and has fantasised about one day getting into bed with it.

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"I have a Grinch fetish. My boyfriend knows about this and for the most part, accepts it. He'll sometimes read the book to me to set the mood, or if he's really feeling kinky, he'll tell me 'You're a mean one'," she explained.

Sadly for the anonymous woman, her partner is only willing to take this obsession of hers so far.

"The thing is, I don't want to hear about the Grinch or listen to the Grinch or watch the Grinch. I want to be f**ked by the Grinch, and for the record, this is common among women," she explained.

"My boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him straight up. I told him to put on the greenest, silkiest Grinch costume he could find, kidnap me from my bed on Christmas Eve, and then ravage me in front of the Christmas tree."

Wow. Tough to un-read that but here we are.

But wait, there's more.

"The fact that he's good with dogs and experienced trauma at a young age makes me want that long, fuzzy d**k even more," she said.

And yep, we've gone there.

Andrew Chin/Getty Images

The boyfriend flat out refused and said it was too weird for him.

It ended up turning into a fight after the man admitted that he wasn't into the Grinch thing at all and only went along with it to placate her.

She said he was 'still uncomfortable about the fact that I had moaned "Grinch" during sex a few weeks ago, but only because his song was playing in the background'.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder.

While you might think this is bizarre and definitely a very isolated fetish, a quick scroll through social media reveals that many people are attracted to the Grinch.

Vice even did an article exploring how and why people would be into the tall, green, menacing creature.

But hey, you do you boo.

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