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Harry Potter fans think they've discovered a 'hidden sex scene' in The Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter fans think they've discovered a 'hidden sex scene' in The Prisoner of Azkaban

The detail left many Potterheads reeling

More than 20 years after coming to the big screen, the Harry Potter films still continue to leave audiences spellbound.

And it's easy to see why, as the films have a bit of everything.

It has magic, laughs, gorgeous cinematography and plenty of action.

And by action, I mean magical duels and fight scenes.

Or do I?

Fans are convinced they've discovered a secret sex scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Yes, seriously. See if you can see what we're talking about here:

You may be scratching your head and trying to recall a scene of wizard and witches romping.

Turns out that you'd had to have kept a close eye out while watching the end credits to see this surprising detail.

If you throw your mind back to the third entry of the series, you'll recall the Marauders Map.

It's a magical parchment that allows the user to see who is in Hogwarts at any given time.

The marauders map allows users to see the location of everyone in Hogwarts.
Warner Bros

A person's presence is represented on the map by a pair of footprints.

To pay tribute to this plot device, the film's credits are designed to resemble the map.

As such, we see inky footprints walking among names of the cast and crew as they scroll down.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary - until we get to the section for motion control cameras.

That's when things get weird.

In the corner of the screen, two pairs of feet can be seen in very close proximity.

Let's just say, the way these feet are positioned, it's hard to imagine what else is going on.

Harry Potter fans noticed this surprising detail in the credits sequence of the third film.
Warner Bros

Perhaps they are just whispering details about their upcoming Potions exam.

Or they are just having a full blown snog - or more.

Fans took to Twitter to speculate on the curious detail.

One commenter got things kicked off by joking: "You don't expect a wizard to not use his wand."

Fair play.

"Bit weird considering they're kids," commented one Twitter user.

Another weighed in: "These are teenagers at school. They are snogging. It's Harry Potter, not Pornhub."

So what is the truth?

The man who designed the end credits has spoken out about what was really going on in Hogwarts.

Rus Wetherell told the Huffington Post: "We've all been kids, we've all been in school and stuff ... It was just a sort of little peck on the cheek."

He's of the opinion that the couple's feet 'are in an embrace' and 'not having sex as everyone says'.

Well, that resolves that, then.

Let's get back to the more pressing question at hand - how did Fred and George Weasley not notice that Peter Pettigrew - in the form of Scabbers - was sleeping in their brother's bed on the map?


Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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