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Americans admit they thought things in Harry Potter were magic but they were actually just British

Americans admit they thought things in Harry Potter were magic but they were actually just British

They even thought treacle tart was a magical thing, and not just because of how yum it is

While Harry Potter may be classed as one of Britain’s finest exports, loved by generations across the nation, it’s also a beloved franchise all around the world.

Even if you’ve not watched the many films or read any of the books, you’ll know that the Wizarding World is packed with magic.

Think wands, wizards, flying broomsticks - there really is a lot of it stacked in the Harry Potter.

But unfortunately, a lot of Americans have got a bit confused and have thought that some things in Harry Potter are magic when they are actually in fact just British.

The discussion took place on the Harry Potter Reddit, with one user asking: "Non-British readers, what's something from the books you thought was magical but turned out to be just British?"

It really is quite hilarious, so let's look at some of the responses to this question.

Treacle Tart

Ah, so magical.
Joff Lee/Getty Images

Yes, one American has admitted to thinking that the popular British desert treacle tart is magic. Treacle tart is a popular one in the Wizarding World and is a personal favourite of Harry Potter himself.

But while the taste may be magical, treacle tart is in fact not magic, but imagine if it actually was?

A particular hilarious response about treacle tarts says: "I didn‘t know what they were, so I imagined some kind of cake that looked like an octopus or squid."

School houses and prefects

The magic powers to stop people from running down corridors.
mattjeacock/Getty Images

If you've gone to a British school, you'll know all about school houses and prefects.

While it is a staple in Hogwarts, they are very much common in UK schools, too.

Remember when you were on your phone at lunch time and the prefects told you to get it off? Yes, them annoying lot.

Well, it appears that one American thought that this was exclusive to Harry Potter. We can only wish. At least the sport competitions between houses were fun.

Christmas Crackers

Nothing more magical than a new keyring or some nail clippers.
Tara Moore/Getty Images

We all love to pull a Christmas cracker on the day itself, right? However, there is no doubt that the items packaged in the UK festive tradition have declined in recent years.

All the more reason to question why one American thinks that they are magic because of Harry Potter.

Anyway, I digress. One commenter on Reddit said: "I was so confused when two characters were pulling apart the crackers and there was stuff inside of them. But I was just like, 'oh this wacky magical world and their novelty-filled giant cheezits!'"

Trains with food trolleys

Christoph Hetzmannseder/Getty Images

You know the famous scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when Harry takes everything off the train food trolley, well one person on Reddit admitted to thinking that was magic.

To be honest we can't get our head round this one. To think that the person coming round asking whether we need refreshments on the 7:16 am train from Manchester to London is magic is quite hard to believe.

It is only food at the end of the day, but there you have it.

On a reverse perspective, some Americans have admitted to thinking that something in Harry Potter is a British thing when it is in fact magic.

Pumpkin Juice


Yes, the famous wizarding beverage that can be seen everywhere in Harry Potter, is a British thing, according to one American

On Reddit, they said: "As a kid I really thought pumpkin juice was a British thing, not a magic thing."

This led to another replying: "Wait, pumpkin juice doesn’t exist?"

So, there you have it folks! These are just some of the things Americans admit they thought were magic in Harry Potter but were actually just British.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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