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Home Alone fans have shocking theory as to how dad afforded massive house in movie

Home Alone fans have shocking theory as to how dad afforded massive house in movie

Well that's a whole new layer to the iconic film

If you’ve made it this far into December already without watching Home Alone, then I can only assume you’re saving it for the big day.

The Macaulay Culkin film is easily one of the best Christmas movies there is, but fans think there’s something a little darker to the iconic flick.

Some have a shocking theory to just how Kevin’s dad, Peter, afforded that absolutely massive house.

To be honest, every year we watch Home Alone, we wonder just what on earth he did for a living to able to afford such a mega life anyway.

And fans have come up with an answer that also neatly explains how the little lad was able to fend off two fully grown fellas.

One TikTok user, Brian Rooney, explained his shocking theory and all of his ‘evidence’.

Fans have wondered how Kevin's dad afforded their huge house in Home Alone.
20th Century Studios

He says: “There’s this fan theory that says Peter McCallister was a mob boss and it says that Harry and Marv were from a rival family and they were seeking revenge which is why they were hitting up the block.

“I think it makes sense.

"Kevin was a straight up G. When Kevin found out that Harry and Marv were going to rob his house, it didn’t even occur to him to ever call the police.

“Kevin stuck to the G code of ‘this is my house. I have to defend it’. That’s the most gangster s**t ever.

“At the end he didn’t talk to the police at all. He didn’t give them a statement. He just kept his mouth shut. That’s some G code s**t which he would have had to learn from his mob boss dad.”

He adds: “Y’all better recognise Kevin McCallister was a stone-cold thug.”

But not everyone agrees.

Other users commenting on the clip pointed out that in the film Peter’s brother said he was paying for the trip.

One said: “His dad's brother paid for the vacation. And back then, houses were much more affordable.”

Fans called Kevin a 'G'.
20th Century Studios

“WHY does everyone forget that it’s HIS RICH BROTHER who paid for the trip?! Why?” said another.

But the video poster hits back and suggests that maybe he was a mob boss too, and someone else suggested that maybe he worked as a mob lawyer.

Others are on board with the theory drawing on the connection to Kevin watching a gangster film in the movie, and someone even draws on Peter McCallister actor John Heard's appearance in The Sopranos.

“Not to mention he had them arrested at his neighbours' house and pretended to be them when he called,” said another, building on the ‘G code’ theory.

But another person added: “Kevin recognises Harry when he's walking home from the store as the cop from the beginning and that's why he didn't trust the cops.”

Others pointed out that Peter worked in stocks and Kevin’s mum was a fashion designer. So, while the theory may not be correct, it certainly is a fun one.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

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