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Home Alone fans shocked after discovering how much Kevin's supermarket trip would cost in 2023

Home Alone fans shocked after discovering how much Kevin's supermarket trip would cost in 2023

People cannot believe just how much Kevin's big shop would cost these days

It's that time of year again, which means you're now well within your rights to watch all the Home Alone movies back to back.

And by 'all', I obviously mean the first two films, because after that... well, let's just leave it there, shall we?

Despite the more than 30 years that have passed since Macaulay Culkin was abandoned by his pretty s***ty family, the 1990 classic has stood the test of time.

Sadly, however, on thing that hasn't remained is the prices.

During his time all alone chez McCallister, Kevin learns to be self-reliant; we see him doing chores around the house, standing up to the furness, and even doing a big shop.

In one iconic scene, the eight-year-old whips round a local store picking up some essentials for the house, which are as follows: TV dinner, loaf of Wonder Bread, frozen mac and cheese, cling wrap, half gallon (2L) of milk, Tide laundry detergent, toilet paper, half gallon (2L) of orange juice, pack of army men, and some dryer sheets,

Now, in the movie, this sets him back just over $20, which is brought down to $19.83 with his dollar coupon.

How much would Kevin's shop cost these days?
20th Century Fox

But how much would that haul set Kev back if he were to buy it in 2023? Answer: a whole lot more.

Thankfully, TikToker Geoffrey Lyons has done the working out exactly how much more, searching for roughly the same list of items.

In a video posted to his account, he calculated that there's been a 248 percent mark-up in the three decades that have passed since the film's release.

"So, I broke it down, $4.50 for the orange juice. $4.50 for the saran wrap," Lyons explains.

"TV dinner: couldn’t find the same one, so we did $5 for that one because it had the food inside.

“$13.00 for the Tide. $3.00 for the Wonder Bread. $3.50 for the frozen mac. $4.60 for the milk. You got $8.79 for the dryer sheets. You got $8.00 for the toilet paper, and you got just $9.00 for the toy soldiers.”

Kev spent less than $20 on his big shop back in 1990.
20th Century Fox

All together, that brings the total to a whopping $63.73, which, when you add on the tax, is $68.99, minus the $1 couple, rounding it to $68.

Understandably, there was plenty of reaction to the video, with people gobsmacked at how much things cost these days.

“For reference, $19.83 in 1990 would be equal to about $46.68 today," one person explained. "So it’s not just inflation. Things are way too expensive now."

Another sighed: "I hate 2023."

Merry Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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