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The Holiday fans shocked to discover cottage from the film doesn't actually exist

The Holiday fans shocked to discover cottage from the film doesn't actually exist

One fan said the revelation made their life feel like a lie

As Santa's arrival nears closer and the temperature continues to drop, there's nothing better to do than curl up on the couch watching a Christmas film.

And The Holiday is a firm favourite.

But, fans of the festive flick were shocked to find out that not everything in the film is as real as it seems.

The 2006 romantic comedy follows two women from different countries, played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, as they swap homes for the festive season to escape their relationship problems.

Winslet's character jets off to sunny LA to live in a Hollywood mega-mansion, while Diaz gets cosy in an idyllic Surrey cottage and their lives are turned upside down when they fall in love with two local guys.

Fans of the film have long swooned over Rosehill Cottage — the site of Diaz's stay — as well as Jude Law, who plays her love interest.

The Holiday's Rosehill Cottage is a cosy quintessential British home.
Sony Pictures Entertainment

The charming house's exterior, lightly dusted in snow, is straight from a Christmas card. Meanwhile, the interiors capture the mismatched, cosy characteristic of the perfect, quintessentially British cottage, complete with wooden beams, a shabby country kitchen and an open fire.

But, you may be shocked to learn that the home we've all been dreaming about doesn't actually exist.

The exteriors of Rosehill Cottage were built from scratch in a field and the interiors are simply film sets inspired by Holmbury St Mary's Honeysuckle Cottage.

Fans of the film have been left gutted as they discovered the truth.

One person took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to write: "So the cottage in The holiday doesnt acc exist," followed by a sad face emoji.

Another said: "Just found out the cottage from The Holiday doesn't exist and they just built a facade for the movie and now everything is a lie."

Fans of the festive film were shocked to find out that the cottage was simply a movie set and doesn't actually exist.
Song Pictures Entertainment

And a third person, whose festive spirit was greatly dampened by the news, commented: "Just found out that rosehill cottage from the holiday doesn’t actually exist didn’t think christmas could get worse."

However, while the film's iconic cottage isn't real, the house swapping website Diaz and Winslet use certainly is. allows members to scroll through hundreds of stunning properties around the world until they find one that takes their fancy.

They can then organise a swap, whether simultaneously or on different dates, to get a taste of a different way of life for a week or two.

The website has been helping its users live out their The Holiday fantasies for years, although Jude Law is sadly not included.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Universal

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