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The Human Centipede actor told friend parts of sequel were 'horrible' to film

The Human Centipede actor told friend parts of sequel were 'horrible' to film

No, thank you

Have you ever been asked to do something at work and instantly thought 'I'm not getting paid enough for this?'

Well, it seems as though one cast member on the set of the infamous Human Centipede franchise can definitely relate, according to her friend.

Warning: Graphic content

TV presenter and DJ Alex Zane recently sat down with Jack Dean and Stevie on JaackMaate's Happy Hour podcast to talk about everything film-related.

After conversations about the Star Wars franchise and Rotten Tomatoes scores, the groups attention soon turned to some of the most horrific films ever made including, of course, the Human Centipede trilogy.

"You've got to imagine when you're doing that, you think, well on set, everyone is really careful. It's all done very professionally because it's such a graphic and grotesque thing," he said.

The first film follows a deranged surgeon who turns three kidnapped victims into the eponymous 'human centipede.'
YouTube/IFC Films

The first of the series follows a deranged German surgeon who kidnaps three tourists and conjoins them surgically, mouth to anus, forming the eponymous 'human centipede.'

Its sequels become even more gross and absurd as copycats create their own centipedes with ever-growing groups of victims.

Now, Zane has claimed he knows an actor from the second film, revealing there was a pretty unpleasant aspect of filming.

"I knew someone who was The Human Centipede II," he revealed to the amazement of the podcast's hosts.

One actress has revealed the disgusting truth behind filming.
YouTube/IFC Films

"And [the actor] said 'yeah, no we were meant to have these special pants to wear, but they were paper thin.'

"So you really did have your face... And she said it was horrible because you have your nose in between the buttocks of the person in front with very, very little protection."

One of the interviewers then joked: "I'd be putting some Lynx Africa down there in the morning."

LADbible has contacted Six Entertainment Company for comment.

A few years ago, one of The Human Centipede's stars revealed the number one question she is asked about being a part of the shocking film series.

Well, I'm well and truly put off my dinner now.
Six Entertainment Company

Ashley C Williams told the Guardian: "The number one question I get asked is did anyone fart in my mouth? No!

"We were very respectful of one another. The infamous scene where the character at the front of the centipede has to relieve himself was filmed in one take and took 10 seconds. It was easy but I was grateful Tom [the film's director] didn't film it for longer than he had to."

Has anyone else been put off their dinner?

Featured Image Credit: Six Entertainment Company

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