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Jake Gyllenhaal tells Road House viewers to 'pay close attention' to scene where his character is eating

Jake Gyllenhaal tells Road House viewers to 'pay close attention' to scene where his character is eating

The action film is now available on Prime Video, so get your popcorn

Road House has finally landed on Prime Video today (21 March), meaning that thousands of Brits will be snuggled up on the sofa watching Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor beat the sh*t out of each other right about now.

Gyllenhaal, 43, is taking on the role of a former UFC fighter, Elwood Dalton, in the remake of the 1989 classic of the same name which was fronted by cinema legend Patrick Swayze.

But rather than concentrating on how many jabs they land and how real that head-butting scene looks, the star of the action movie has instructed viewers to instead pay close attention to the parts where he is filling his face.

Take a look at him discussing a behind-the-scenes secret here:

His character is struggling to find work while dually trying to put his past behind him, when he finds a job as a bouncer at a beachside bar in Florida Keys - which unbeknownst to him, is a magnet for criminal activity.

Dalton's days as in the UFC obviously come in quite handy when it comes down to protecting his place of work from some nefarious figures, although you shouldn't let those big muscles fool you - as he's a softie at heart.

Discussing why he was attracted to the role, Gyllenhaal explained that his penchant for 'absurd humour' and the 'quiet patience' Dalton possesses were the main factors.

As I mentioned, the Southpaw star got seriously ripped to play the lead role in Road House and had to keep up with a gruelling training regime to get a physique which matched that of McGregor's.

Jake Gyllenhaal got in tip top shape to star as a UFC fighter in Road House.
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His trainer and fitness expert, Jason Walsh, explained that Gyllenhaal had been taking part in high-intensity 30 minute VersaClimber workouts, weightlifting sessions and other intense exercises to get into shape.

Speaking of the actor's dedication, Walsh told Insider: "If he's not in the gym doing strength training and conditioning, he's swimming, he's outside playing paddle tennis, he cycles like crazy.

"The guy does everything. He's just always looking for that stimulus."

As well as working out, Gyllenhaal obviously also had to abide by a strict diet to ensure he was fighting fit - literally.

And there's a lot of brawls in Road House.

Although he didn't reveal what certain foods he was chowing down on to fuel his body, the Brokeback Mountain actor explained that eating one single chip would have ruined all his hard work.

The actor was extremely dedicated to his diet and exercise regime.
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During an interview with This Morning's Sian Welby, Gyllenhaal explained that even in the eating scenes in Road House, he didn't actually eat the food that was in front of him - he somehow managed to resist an array of tacos, fries and enchiladas.

He said: "He [his character Dalton] doesn't actually eat them if you notice!

"You know when you watch an actor in a scene and people are like, are they really eating that?

"I wasn't really eating. I say thank you for it and then I sit down, and then the scene cuts. If you really look at it, she gives me enchiladas."

Welby admitted she never actually saw him take a bite of any of the grub, while Gyllenhaal added: "I was on a strict regimen, one chip would have done the whole thing."

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