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Mattel wants to make movies about the Magic 8 Ball and UNO following the success of Barbie

Mattel wants to make movies about the Magic 8 Ball and UNO following the success of Barbie

Get ready for the Mattel Cinematic Universe.

Get ready for the Mattel Cinematic Universe because UNO and Magic Eight Ball movies are in the pipeline following the success of Barbie.

They say strike while the iron is hot, and the iconic toy company is doing just that.

Robbie Brenner, the Oscar-nominated producer who runs Mattel Films and produced Barbie, told Variety: “Everybody hopes that when you create a movie that there is going to be a franchise.

“That’s the hope — that it goes on and on and it’s a gift that keeps giving. But, in this day and age, you just want to get the first one right.”

While there’s limited information about these projects, Brenner teased the film adaptation of the Magic 8 Ball will ‘probably be a PG-13 thriller’.

Arthur S. Aubry/Getty Images

He added the company had hired writer Marcy Kelly to pen the story for one of the world’s most iconic card games, UNO, as well.

However, people are seriously confused about the announcement.

One user wrote on Twitter: "What the hell is a ball and a deck of cards going to be a movie..."

Another added: "How the hell does a magic 8 movie work?"

While a third person pitched: “While Barbie was a reflection on misogyny prompted by Barbie's contemplation of her own mortality, I can only imagine Magic 8 Ball will be about fate vs free will and UNO will be about the difficulty of maintaining healthy relationships leading inevitably to solitude.”

But it's not just the truth-saying ball and card game getting the big screen treatment.

The award-winning producer said a Polly Pocket movie was in the works, as well as a film about Hot Wheels, American Girl, and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, which will star Vin Diesel and be distributed by Universal Pictures.

MediaNews Group/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images

The Greta Gerwig flick centring around the iconic Barbie doll earned $337 million around the world on its opening weekend, breaking numerous records, including the biggest box office weekend of 2023.

Barbie also had the biggest debut for a female-directed film on its opening day.

Gerwig's project grossed USD $70.5 million in the US, defeating 2017’s Wonder Woman, which accumulated USD $38 million domestically.

Pop Crave reported Barbie has also been the biggest opening for a movie about a toy, the biggest opening ever for Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and the biggest opening weekend for a film that isn't a sequel, remake, or superhero movie.

Featured Image Credit: keri (Creative Commons). Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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