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Woman tells people new movie you should see if you can't watch TV without looking at your phone

Woman tells people new movie you should see if you can't watch TV without looking at your phone

The movie is said to be a sure-fire way to keep you off your phone

We're all guilty of scrolling on our phones while watching a film. Admit it, even Oscar winners struggle to compete with TikTok.

There just aren't that many films that can keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, trust me, I get it.

Thankfully, one TikToker has compiled a list of films so gripping and shocking you're bound to put down your phone - including one controversial 2023 movie.

A study was carried out in 2019 that looked at the effects of multitasking, with results showing that switching between devices is 'worse than being stoned', stating that this method of using technology is 'rewiring our brain'.

Doesn't sound like the most positive result.

To help combat this, a TikToker has done everyone a favour and revealed the one movie you should watch to avoid doom scrolling on your phone.

TV and film writer Remy Solomon (@remy-solomon) has made a short video to help us multitaskers find a film to sit through in its entirety.

Remy describes the film as 'a new movie so shocking you will not be able to look away [from]'.

This TikToker has come up with a movie that will be sure to keep us off our other devices.

The movie is called May December and it stars Black Swan's Natalie Portman, Crazy, Stupid, Love's Julianne Moore and Riverdale's Charles Melton.

Directed by Todd Haynes, the dark comedy drama dropped on Netflix US late last year, to positive reviews from critics and viewers.

It follows an actor (Portman) whose latest project is to play a woman (Moore) who was jailed for the statutory rape of her son's 13-year-old schoolfriend (Melton), who she has since married.

The movie has a 90 percent critics' rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with one critic calling it 'darkly funny and profoundly sad'.

Remy's TikTok video was prefaced: "Here are movies that will hold your attention from start to finish, cause if you're anything like me, you need movies that are so gripping you won't start scrolling TikTok instead."

Other films Remy mentioned in the video were Funny Games, as 'a movie so violent you can't look away'.

Dr. Strangelove was called 'a movie so funny you can't look away'.

Crash was labelled 'a movie so weird you can't look away'.

And penultimately, Stoker as 'a movie so suspenseful you can't look away'.

May December can be streamed on Sky Cinema in the UK and Netflix in the US.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @‌remy_solomon and Getty Stock Photo

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