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Cinema erupts into cheers after spotting the same man’s name for almost every role

Cinema erupts into cheers after spotting the same man’s name for almost every role

Neil Breen got his flowers for all the hard work he put into his latest film.

Neil Breen is a bloke who clearly lives by the motto 'if you want something doing, do it yourself'.

The 65-year-old is a man of many talents - just look at the credits of one of his low-budget films if you don't believe me.

Instead of roping in hundreds of people to help him bring his creative vision to life, he somehow juggles dozens of jobs all by himself.

And his audience love it - just look at their reactions here:

Although most of us don't bother watching the credits when the film ends - unless you're waiting for the final scene of a Marvel movie - these cinemagoers made a point of staying to give Breen his flowers for all the hard work he put in.

During a screening of his 2023 sci-fi psychological thriller Cade: The Tortured Crossing at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, US, audience members made a point of applauding his efforts.

Breen managed to star as both main characters - identical twin brothers Cade and Cale - as well as directing, producing, scoring, editing and writing the entire movie.

The credits also acknowledged his efforts as music director, production designer, cinematographer as well as organising the sets and props.

But Breen also found time to act as the special effects designer, location manager, production manager and stunt coordinator.

To increase his workload even more, the filmmaker also sorted casting, legal services, accounting services, craft services.

Cinemagoers erupted in cheers each time the filmmakers name showed up on the credits.

To put it simply, he's absolutely snowed under with responsibilities.

Apart from the 15-strong cast who lent their acting talents, Breen managed to pull off most of the work solo.

He has become notorious for wearing as many hats as humanly possible when producing his inexpensive films.

This obviously reflects in the quality of his work, but he has managed to gain a cult following of people who revel in the cheapness of the flicks. There so bad, it's kind of good.

Put it this way - the entirety of Cade: The Tortured Crossing was shot using green-screens. And you really can tell.

The American filmmaker's latest release has been dubbed a flop by critics, but fans of the infamously independent actor seemed to have a different opinion.

Hilarious footage shows how the Atlanta cinema erupted into cheers each time Breen's name cropped up on the credits. Which as you can imagine, was a lot.

Every time another contributor - such as the cameraman, sound engineer, lighting technician or the CGI artist for a fighting tiger - was displayed, the audience comically booed.

Neil Breen is notorious for juggling all the responsibilities of a film by himself.

People were seen pumping their fists in the air and getting to their feet to celebrate Breen's staunch devotion to being a one man band.

The amusing clip obviously went viral, as people were keen to find out more about the lone wolf of the film industry.

Social media users were left in stitches and took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One said: "Neil Breen carried the whole group project."

Another said: "I love it when people come together for something fun and light hearted like this."

A third added: "Googling this guy did not disappoint."

A fourth wrote: "Neil carried that film on his back!"

And a fifth chimed in: "Bro gave his entire life to this project."

To be fair to Breen, even if his new film missed the mark, he put a serious graft in to get it done. So he deserves all the credit.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Justinthescott/X/Neilbreen

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