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Netflix has just dropped one of the scariest movies of the past decade

Netflix has just dropped one of the scariest movies of the past decade

The 2020 horror hit has left Netflix viewers traumatised

It may be nine months till Halloween but whose to say you can't scare yourself silly in the New Year.

And if you are looking for the perfect flick to scare you senseless this new year, then the streaming platform has hundreds of horror titles that many have claimed to have struggled to get through.

Back in December, viewers issued a warning about the 'deeply disturbing' 2020 Netflix thriller His House, which bagged a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score after landing on the streaming service.

And just weeks earlier, a little-seen 2022 Polish film titled Hellhole attempted to take the biscuit as one of the scariest films the streamer has in its catalogue.

But it sounds as though there's a new heart-stopping blockbuster in town - courtesy of Australian film-making duo Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala.

Despite having first been released back in 2020, this movie has only recently been branded one of the 'scariest' horror productions in years after landing on Netflix this week.

Riley Keough stars in this 2020 hit.
Roadshow Films/Netflix

With a big-name cast - including Daisy Jones and The Six frontwoman Riley Keough, Clueless icon Alicia Silverstone and IT star Jaedan Martell - this movie has left millions of viewers across the globe unable to sleep.

It follows the story of Grace (Keough), who consistently tries to bond with her soon-to-be step-children - only to face disastrous consequences.

As Grace is pushed ever-closer towards a nervous breakdown, strange things begin to occur.

And is it any surprise? She did meet her fiance whilst researching a murderous extremist cult after all!

We are, of course, talking about The Lodge, which has been dubbed by The Guardian as a film 'that manages to burrow its way under your skin and stay there right through to the horrifying end'.

And thousands of viewers of this movie have since taken to social media to express the horror about what they witnessed.

"It’s insane," one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter) this week.

Another went on: "That movie The Lodge on Netflix was spooky as hell lol"

"Netflix should make a spin-off show about The Lodge!", a third added.

"Dude I just watched The Lodge on Netflix … that s**t messed me UP. If y’all like creepy stuff that’ll mess with your head you need to watch it." a fourth said.

A fifth said: "The Lodge was so good,,, beautiful and scary :)"

And a sixth said: "Finally saw a horror movie that’s actually scary!! The Lodge is 10/10!!"

Featured Image Credit: FilmNation Entertainment

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