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Netflix horror movie is so scary that viewers have to turn it off halfway through

Netflix horror movie is so scary that viewers have to turn it off halfway through

Best to avoid watching this one if you're alone at night

A movie so scary that viewers have had to stop watching halfway through has landed on Netflix.

A horror movie enthusiast could be considered a glutton for punishment seeing as they spend their free time willingly watching films which see people possessed by demonic spirits and nightmarish entities.

Fortunately for fans of being freaked out, Netflix has realised it's quite the lucrative market and has plenty of supernatural and psychological horror titles such as Insidious, The Grudge and Prey for the Devil in its library.

For anyone who's already made their way through all of the big name franchises and horror classics, Netflix has a lesser known Spanish film which has been described as scary enough to make viewers switch off half way through.

Originally released in 2017, Veronica is loosely based off of the a true story.

The synopsis reveals that the movie takes place in Madrid and sees a teenage girl - called Verónica (played by Sandra Escacena) - possessed after holding a seance at her own school, hoping to contact her recently deceased father.

However, as this is a horror movie, things don't go exactly to plan and Verónica later suspects she is being haunted by a malevolent spirit at home.

We won't spoil too much from the film but it's safe to stay that things get pretty creepy from that point, as Verónica begins to grasp the severity of the situation she has put herself and her younger siblings in.

Would you watch this film? (Netflix)
Would you watch this film? (Netflix)

Now it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that a horror movie would be scary, but apparently Veronica managed to scare viewers so much that they switched it off half way through when it originally premiered on Netflix.

"Veronica on Netflix was based on a true story and if that doesn’t freak you out a little you may need Jesus," one person wrote on X, while another added: "Ok, I'm watching #Veronica on my own. I've nearly had to turn it off twice... I'm only halfway through."

The Daily Star reported that only one in 100 viewers were able to watch Veronica in i's entirety due to it being so scary, however it's worth noting this figure wouldn't be able to tell you if people switched off due to fear or other reasons.

Sandra Escacena in Veronica. (Netflix)
Sandra Escacena in Veronica. (Netflix)

Perhaps the scariest part of Veronica is the fact that its based on a true story, with the film inspired by the events surrounding the death of Spanish teenager Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro in 1991.

Born in 1973, Estefanía had become interested in the occult as a teenager, leading to her using a Ouija board with friends in her school basement.

The ritual was ultimately stopped by a teacher, however Estefanía started suffering from seizures and hallucinations in the six months following the incident.

She would later be found dead in her bedroom, with the cause of her death unexplained.

Veronica is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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