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Epic new survival thriller becomes number one movie on Netflix

Epic new survival thriller becomes number one movie on Netflix

The survival film has dropped on Netflix and has taken the number one spot

A newly released survival film has stormed straight to Netflix's number one spot and we can't work out why.

Set in the Caribbean, the movie follows Naomi (Mădălina Diana Ghenea), a round-the-world yachtswoman, who sets out on a solo trip to meet her boyfriend, Jackson (Ed Westwick) in Grenada.

However, her three-day sail aboard 47-foot yacht 'The Serenity' takes an unexpectedly turn when a storm swerves her offtrack to an uninhabited island.

After managing to find survivors who are clinging to the shattered remains of a boat, she learns that these people are in fact savage drug traffickers played by Stany Coppet, Macarena Gómez and John-Paul Pace.

The group then force Naomi to dive down into the hull of the sunken wreck to retrieve 350 kilos of cocaine, where she is confronted by a frenzy of great white sharks.

Take a look at the trailer for Deep Fear below:

Although the 2023 film has charged to the top of Netflix's Top 10, Deep Fear only has a 13 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

And viewers aren't convinced on the movie, despite the promising premise.

One wrote: "Great scenario if they had had some money to actually hire capable actors and a film crew.

"Despite the bad acting, insignificant technical advising means all screenplay for either diving or sailing are p**s poor. Great movie if you are fighting through insomnia.

"I watched it out of curiosity and was amused at finding out all irrelevant facts and errors."

Viewers aren't convinced on the film, despite the promising premise.
Gravitas Ventures

A second added: "A very slow and boring movie.

"The acting was bad and the writing was so boring I about fell to sleep. The plot was the same tired shark plot that has been seen in every single movie since the beginning."

Another also wrote: "Perhaps there are some who will enjoy this film. Unfortunately, even though I am a die hard creature feature fanatic, I'm not one of them.

Deep Fear is available to stream on Netflix now.
Gravitas Ventures

"I can tolerate sharks on cocaine, and other plot holes, but the divers communicating by radio whilst underwater was something I couldn't abide. The movies greatest disappointment was that it was an exercise in deep boredom."

Though a few did enjoy the thriller, with one viewer writing on X: "Deep Fear is one of the best shark movies I've ever watched recently, especially after the Meg."

While someone else added: "Deep Fear on Netflix get a 10/10 for me. Good movie."

If you want to check it out for yourself, Deep Fear is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Gravitas Ventures

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