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People praise popular noughties movie which ‘is so much more’ as an adult

People praise popular noughties movie which ‘is so much more’ as an adult

Film buffs have been advised to go back and watch this noughties classic as it will give you a new perspective

Even though Netflix are churning out new releases like no tomorrow, sometimes it's nice to delve back into the catalogue of iconic films from the noughties.

Cast your mind back to what was on in the cinema while we were all still avid Myspace users walking around with Motorolas and got from A to B with the help of our Heelys. Ah, simpler times.

People have been praising the popular noughties movie.
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It's been more than a decade since we said goodbye to our Y2K era, so obviously we've all grown up a lot since then.

Now we're all much more mature with real jobs and responsibilities, we have a completely different perspective as a viewer when we revisit our favourite films from these golden years.

Social media users have been discussing one particular title which has a lot more deep, meaningful layers to it when you watch it as an adult.

People on Reddit were dissecting the intense storyline in a coming-of-age comedy, starring Elliot Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney and JK Simmons.

Take a look at the trailer here to jog your memory:

Juno follows the trials and tribulations of teenager Juno MacGuff (Page) who has fallen pregnant after having sex with their friend Paulie Bleeker (Cera) while still in high school.

The couple decide to put their unborn child up for adoption and cross paths with Mark and Vanessa Loring (Bateman and Garner) who are desperate to have a kid.

Page garnered critical acclaim for his performance as the troubled 16-year-old and Juno received four Oscar nominations, helping it to become a pop culture phenomenon.

The comedic script, all-star cast, quirky props and catchy soundtrack proved a recipe for success and people were really moved by this fresh new take on teenage pregnancy.

Now, 16 years on from it's release, social media users have encouraged each other to rewatch the hard-hitting comedy and promise you will view it through a different lens as an adult.

Juno was released back in 2007.
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One Reddit user said they had completely different opinions of the characters now and had noticed various different details and dynamics in the film that completely went over their head when they were younger.

The post read: "I think this movie is remembered for it's "lol quirky so random" style, the hamburger phone, and the silly dialogue but watching it as an adult it's so much more than that, it's amazing.

"Jason Bateman was written so ahead of his time, throwing down red flag after red flag that I totally missed as a teen (not unlike Juno herself I guess).

"Same for Jennifer Garner, exemplifies how easy it is for a female character to be 'unlikable' when she's incredibly reasonable and just frustrated at Jason Bateman's inability to grow up.

Film fans say it is a much different experience watching it as an adult.
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"Allison Janney and JK Simmons are amazing parents, showing how they can disagree with their kids choices, sometimes fight, but still show up with unconditional love and support. The last act of the movie is so beautiful, everyone watching was fully crying.

"Seriously give Juno another watch if you haven't seen it in a while, or watch it for the first time if you haven't before."

Others echoed their comments, while applauding the cleverness of the character development in Juno.

One replied: "The way they frame Bateman as the super cool guy and then twist it around to show he is just a man-child is absolutely wonderful storytelling."

Another wrote: "Any movie with a cast that stacked has got to be good."

A third added: "I rewatched recently and felt that it's aged so well."

And a fourth commented: "Yes, I watched it recently and it is SUCH a different experience compared to when I saw it as a teenager."

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