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Paddy Considine scene in psychological thriller is still ‘one of the greatest in British film’

Paddy Considine scene in psychological thriller is still ‘one of the greatest in British film’

Fans of Paddy Considine should check out a movie considered one of the best ever British films

Years before Paddy Considine was reducing us (well, me) to a weeping mess with his final scenes in House of the Dragon, he was gripping audiences with a thrilling performance in the 2004 movie Dead Man's Shoes.

The film, penned in part by Considine himself alongside This Is England creator Shane Meadows and Paul Fraser, follows British army veteran Richard returning to his hometown.

It's not long before Richard comes into conflict with a local gang of drug dealers who have been abusing his brother Anthony (Toby Kebbell).

While more recent audiences will know Considine as King Viserys Targaryen, the villainous priest Father John Hughes in Peaky Blinders and a recurring star of The Cornetto Trilogy, Dead Man's Shoes contains one of his finest performances.

Anyone familiar with other work from Shane Meadows will recognise the dull, grey setting of a town in the north of England as one of his favourites while Considine's performance ties it all together.

Paddy Considine is on top form for Dead Man's Shoes.
Warp Films

The main man manages to be menacing while barely moving at all, with a particularly engaging scene between Considine's Richard and gang leader Sonny (Gary Stretch).

Fans of Dead Man's Shoes reckon the scene between them is 'one of the greatest in British film' and Considine completely dominates the screen even though he barely moves a muscle.

It soon becomes clear in the scene that Richard is not at all afraid of Sonny as the two men square up, and Sonny's goons waiting in a car nearby can tell their boss is going to back down.

Those who've watched it have said that through Considine's performance, 'you can almost taste the visceral loathing that Richard has for Sonny', saying it was 'a scene of incredible tension in a superb film'.

Another said the iconic scene showed 'Paddy Considine in blistering form' and also reserved praise for Gary Stretch, as in a scene like this it really does take two to tango.

Paddy Considine and Gary Stretch in Dead Man's Shoes.
Warp Films

If you're a fan of gritty British thrillers then Dead Man's Shoes sounds exactly like your jam, especially since it's got an actor of the calibre of Considine on top form.

While the tense confrontation between Richard and Sonny is seen as the peak of the movie there are plenty of other parts which fans found to be just as gripping.

When people who watch the movie talk about a 'chillingly brilliant performance' from Considine then you can be sure that the film is well worth your time.

Featured Image Credit: Wrap Films

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