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Poor Things director drops trailer for bizarre follow up with mammoth cast

Poor Things director drops trailer for bizarre follow up with mammoth cast

The director of Poor Things and The Favourite has dropped a trailer for his newest film

The first trailer for Kinds of Kindness, the follow up to Poor Things has dropped.

See the trailer below:

The film is the follow up to Poor Things from director Yorgos Lanthimos.

Poor Things is best described as bats**t – with certain scenes leading viewers to say it is even more disturbing than Saltburn.

Emma Stone starred in Poor Things, winning the Best Actress Oscar for her performance as Bella Baxter in the 2023 film.

Stone will be returning for the film with a star-studded cast, mixing Lanthimos alumni’s with newer names.

Emma Stone has won her second Oscar for Poor Things.
Rich Polk/Variety via Getty Images

Returning from former films by the bizarre but brilliant Greek filmmaker, Joe Alwyn and Willem Dafoe will feature in Kinds of Kindness, who both previously starred in The Favourite and Poor Things respectively.

Rounding out the cast is Hunter Schafer of Euphoria, Jesse Plemons of Breaking Bad and Killers of the Flower Moon, Mamoudou Athie of Elemental, Margaret Qualley of Maid and once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and finally Oscar nominee for The Whale, Hong Chau.

The trailer is unsurprisingly for Lanthimos - very bizarre - with the film being a contemporary look at America.

The rest of the Kinds of Kindness cast.
Netflix, Searchlight, HBO.

The trailer features an upbeat version of a classic trailer song ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’ by Eurthymics, and heavily features Stone.

Not much is revealed regarding the plot, but the typical Lanthimos weirdness is clearly there – especially in a creepy shot of Hong Chau’s character licking someone.

Critics Choice member Yasmine Kandil quoted the trailer on X, saying: “Dear lord he’s done it again”.

A film fan responded to the trailer, saying: “Absolutely LOVED the vibes from that trailer. Perfect song choice as well. Can’t wait!”

Whilst very little is revealed in the trailer, the names alone have fans already excited for June.

Hong Chau in Kinds of Kindness.
Searchlight Pictures.

A new synopsis released for the film reads: "Kinds of Kindness is a triptych fable, following a man without choice who tries to take control of his own life; a policeman who is alarmed that his wife who was missing-at-sea has returned and seems a different person; and a woman determined to find a specific someone with a special ability, who is destined to become a prodigious spiritual leader."

The director said about the film in an interview with Mark Kermode for The Guardian: “It’s a contemporary film, set in the US – three different stories, with four or five actors who play one part in each story.”

Regarding Stone, he said: “It was almost like making three films, really. But it’s great to be working again with Emma. It makes it so much easier to have someone there who trusts you so much, and who you trust so much.”

Featured Image Credit: Searchlight Pictures

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