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Letterboxd names unhinged 2020 horror #1 in movies which will 'leave you a different person when finished'

Letterboxd names unhinged 2020 horror #1 in movies which will 'leave you a different person when finished'

Fans and critics continue to rave about the psychological horror

We're still quite far away from spooky season, but you just can't stop horror movie fans from finding hidden gems.

This 2020 film has since been rated number one on Letterboxd — at least in the category of not leaving you as 'the same person once the film has finished'.

Surely that's an achievement in and of itself?

Directed by Canadian director Brandon Cronenburg as his second film, it boasts an impressive score of 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, despite failing to break $1 million at the box office.

The film has been highly acclaimed by fans and critics.
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Starring British actress Andrea Riseborough, known for her roles in Nocturnal Animals and Battle of the Sexes, is joined by Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sean Bean among others.

The former two actors have particularly been singled out for their performances in the sci-fi psychological film that has been described as one of the 'most creative horror films' in recent years.

The film is called Possessor, and you can view the trailer below:

Set in an alternate 2008 that seems indifferent to our world at first, but actually has large advancements in technology, our data being largely being in the control of large tech corporations, and everyone seems to vape.

Hmmm... spot the difference?

Riseborough plays Tanya Vos, a brutal assassin that kills her targets by possessing the bodies of other people by using implants that are unknowingly placed into the host's brain.

Her job is not known by her husband and son, however, as she struggles with trauma from the day job in everyday tasks with her family.

She later finds herself struggling with a certain assignment, where she fights with the host of the body (Abbott) to take control.

The situation brings on an intense psychological battle, and the film itself includes a lot of blood and gore - if that's your kind of thing.

Possessor's practical effects in particular have been praised by viewers and critics, as well as the creativity of the plot.

Riseborough stars as assassin Tasya Vos.
Elevation Pictures

Fans have shared their glowing reviews of the film on Letterboxd.

One user commented: "Re-watched this movie recently only to reaffirm how much I enjoy it.

"Every time there is a scene including an altered state of mind, some of the most compelling imagery I've seen in film is included."

Another said: "This is exactly what I imagine taking over someone else’s body is like"

A third simply put: "Hated the vaping".

Unfortunately, Possessor is not readily available to stream on any platforms, but it can be purchased for £1.99 on Prime Video or Apple TV.

Featured Image Credit: Elevation Pictures

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