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People in stitches watching morbid Shrek scene which hits different as an adult

People in stitches watching morbid Shrek scene which hits different as an adult

The loveable ogre's hilarious one-liner went over a lot of our heads as children

It's funny how many things you notice while rewatching your favourite childhood film through the eyes of an adult.

You pick up on all the subtle jokes that went over your head as a kid, have a new understanding of the plot line and clock all the tiny character details you didn't pay attention too.

That's why people have been left in stitches after feasting their eyes on a morbid scene in Shrek the Third which just hits different as a grown up.

Take a look at this:

The entire film franchise focused around the loveable green ogre is top notch cinema, as we all know, but Mike Myers even managed to impress our parents with his character's dry sense of humour.

By the third movie, Shrek has already been through quite a bit - he's rescued Princess Fiona from the tower, put a stop to Lord Farquaad, defeated the fairy godmother and made sure Prince Charming knows his place.

But the ogres still can't enjoy their happily ever after because they've been summoned to Far Far Away to succeed Fiona's father, King Harold, who was reverted to a Frog Prince after jumping in front of a spell to save Shrek.

Shrek fans have a new appreciation for the films as adults.
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As you may recall, the swamp-loving protagonist isn't exactly thrilled with the prospect of running a fairytale kingdom and all the fancy things that come with it.

After chucking Donkey and Puss in Boots out of his bedroom, all Shrek wants is a nice sleep after a hectic day of standing in for his father-in-law.

But while resting his head on his pillow, his wife brings up the subject of bringing some baby ogres into the world and the pair begin to debate about parenthood.

Shrek tries to let Fiona down gently by telling her 'right now, you're my family', before their deep chat is suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door.

The hilariously awkward scene went over a lot of our heads as kids.
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As you can imagine, he isn't very happy about being disturbed right in the middle of such a big conversation and he barks an incredible one-liner at the servant who bursts into the room.

You know the one - "Well somebody better be dying!"

Hilariously, the scene then cuts to the family surrounding King Harold just before he croaks it while Shrek is seen awkwardly standing over him.

The frog then splutters: "I'm... dying."

Talk about putting your foot in it.

King Harold comically croaks it right after Shrek's comment.
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Although the moment is pretty morbid, the comedic timing really cushioned the blow of Far Far Away's frog ruler passing away - but Shrek's blunt comment went right over some of our heads when we were children.

A clip of the scene has recently resurfaced on social media, prompting loads of Shrek fans to share their reactions to it after watching it through maturer eyes.

One said: "The comedy in the Shrek movies is just unmatched."

Another commented: "I didn't understand it when I was 7 but now today in 2023 I can't stop laughing."

A third laughed: "Shrek's going to hell for that one."

A fourth added: "As a kid I never took this seriously, but now as an adult..."

And a fifth joked: "I feel like I quote this out of context every week."

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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