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Saw X viewers are saying it’s the ‘best film in the entire franchise’ after 'insane' ending

Saw X viewers are saying it’s the ‘best film in the entire franchise’ after 'insane' ending

The latest film in the Saw franchise is now in cinemas

Saw X finally hit cinemas last week (29 September) and it’d be fair to say some viewers have been having a few nightmares since.

The latest film in the horror franchise is reportedly the best one yet, getting the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes of all 10.

It’s set between Saw and Saw II, with both Jigsaw Killer John Kramer and his OG apprentice Amanda Young alive.

And not only are horror lovers saying Saw X is the best one yet overall but they’re also praising its ‘insane’ ending.

Now, I don’t want to spoilt the film completely for you but if you do want it to be a total surprise, this is your SPOILER WARNING.

Jigsaw is back in Saw X with even more terrifying traps.

Although it’s arguably a pretty predictable ending, revealing that John was being conned all along Cecilia is freed from the killer and kills Gabriela, before starting to lock up John with her lover.

However, it still all goes to sh**. Cecilia kills her lover, is still trapped and John, Amanda and Carlos all leave together in a weirdly somewhat happy ending.

With twists and turns and surprises at the end, a user wrote on X: “#SawX was AWESOME!! The Best Saw in years and possibly my favorite Saw since Saw 2!

“The non-traditional Saw story REALLY worked here still with some iconic Saw moments and of course an insane ending. Did not have Saw X as one of my favorites of the year on my Bingo card!”

Another even wrote: “Saw X is a f**king masterpiece, the FNaF movie won't even come close in terms of acting, the ending or any twists.”

Others put: “The end of SAW X thooo,” as one tweeted: “Saw X shot up the list to my favorite in the series. My favorite movie going experience in a long time.

“The way I was squirming at the traps and then crying at how beautifully done the ending was. It’s a masterpiece to me.”

Saw X is praised as the best one yet.

Praise is flooding in for the new horror, as others write: “Watched Saw X.

"Not only is this the best Saw sequel but possibly the best film in franchise. The traps are gory as ever, but the writing is super strong and emotional, the best score from Charlie Clouser and Tobin Bell's greatest performance as Johm Kramer in the entire franchise.”

Oh, and when you do watch Saw X, make sure to stick around during the credits.

Saw X is now available in cinemas.

Featured Image Credit: Twisted Pictures

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